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2018 The First Dual Squonk BF Kit Is Free For You , GIVEAWAY! (Ends 2/7)


Still, you can see dragons once a year passing by :star_struck::star_struck:


Hey @andycolins, I hope you had a great time celebrating the New Year! I welcome the year of the dog, hopefully this means I will have a better year this year because I was born in the year of the gold rooster, and it is the year of the rooster that just ended. It is my understanding that, according to Chinese astrology, the year of one’s birth sign will be the most unlucky year for them in the 12-year cycle, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

But for all the dogs out there:

But now on to the real reason for this post…Did someone win this contest yet!?!


@andycolins, lots of efun codes promoted and almost 200 entries…

who won??


@andycolins, almost 200 entries…who won??







This is ridiculous…


Well, if something terrible happened the least of the concern would be a giveaway, hope all is well over there.


@andycolins you forgot this one, saw you posted a new giveaway just a few minutes ago


@andycolins Last Post 5 hours Seen 5 hours


Thanks for drawing the winner @andycolins

Congrats @Lexie3 Please drop @andycolins a PM with all your details to collect your prize


Grats @Lexie3 and thks @andycolins for the giveaway and finally concluding, hope all is well.


yay @Lexie3. Let us know how you like it.


Congratulations @Lexie3 :confetti_ball:
Please us know once you have received your prize



Come get your prize! Let us know how you like it when you do.

I just got the tracking # for my efun.top prize.


Congrats @Lexie3!!!


Congrats @Lexie3 and thanks @andycolins for the giveaway! Its nice to know you are still around!


Cangrats :hugs:


Thanks @andycolins for the squonk kit! https://www.efun.top/sigelei-snowwolf-vfeng-squonk-bf-kit-120w.html