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1/17 - Entry #4

Independence Day

Because I get to watch fireworks at the beach while I’m drunk!!!


1/17 - Entry #5

St. Patrick’s Day

Green Beer!!!


This tube / pen style vape looks cool . I know there are lots on the market and every company has there own version. But idk if I ever saw one that will go up to 80 watts . Most have a cut off around 50 watts. This thing will pack a punch if able to hit 80 watts with the right resistance atomizer on top. Cool product @andycolins


GeekVape Medusa RDTA Tank Atomizer - 3ml



#1 Christmas love to give presents!!


#2 Thanksgiving a close second

Family & friends day




Summertime woot


1/18 - Entry #1



1/18 - Entry #2


I have a lot of fun on Easter with my kids because we have a tradition of going to the park and having a huge Easter egg hunt! We put money, candy, sticker, etc. in the eggs and because we have 3 kids we hide 150 eggs, so 50 per kid! And then of course there is the religious aspect of Easter, along with good food and family!


1/18 - Entry #3

Mother’s Day!

Another holiday that is awesome because I get gifts and good food and I don’t have to lift a finger!


1/18 - Entry #4

Valentine’s Day

Well, again, I like getting gifts, and Valentine’s Day tends to bring me really shiny ones!


1/18 - Entry #5

April Fool’s Day!

Who doesn’t like to play a good April Fool’s Day prank on someone!?!

  1. My Fourth favorite Holiday is a Cowboy Crunch Burrito, BBQ Chicken, Refried beans, Spicy Mexican style rice with Tomato, Onion, Cheese, Jalapeno Peppers & Ranch dressing, Lightly grilled to perfection


1/19 - Entry #1

I like resin mods and the purple one is very nice! And I am also looking for a new squonk mod!!!


1/19 - Entry #2

I think I have already said this one, but Christmas! I love Christmas, not only for the gifts, but the whole feeling of the Christmas season. It is generally around this time of year when you see the most and best random acts of kindness. I think Christmas brings out the best in most people!


1/19 - Entry #3


I love Thanksgiving because families get together and eat good food!


1/19 - Entry #4

New Year’s/New Year’s Eve

Perfect time of year to commit to changes that may need to be made in one’s life!


1/19 - Entry #5


It is a fun holiday! Lots of candy, and cool decorations!


The day spring comes.
Dates may be different. But it feels unmistakable.


Christmas I can get white girl wasted eat crap have a afternoon nap and upset people and they got to forgive you being the spirit of Christmas an all…