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I have recently been going back to tropical fruits and some berry flavors… I am ready for spring and summer vapes now because I usually stick to custards and deserts in fall and winter!

Really been loving my Berry Melonade lately…


Mostly fruity mixes but life would be dull without a little variation.


I am fruity profile person but am trying to expand my bakery flavors!


Chocolates and custards. Im always on the hunt for the perfect chocolate custard recipe.


Fruits. In particular strawberry. It’s an ongoing quest to find The One.


Fruits all day and all night.

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Tobacco with a little fruit


Tobaco! Only tobaco)


Tobacco, softened with Dessert…


Sweet Fruity flavours mmmmm


Cereal, Bakery, Good nets, followed by candies, if it realistic to what it is supposed to be I like it, I even like a floral if they are done right. I like to switch it up


Bakery for the win!!


Bacon, Coconut, Caramel, Glazed Donut.
did I say Bacon, yep crumbled Bacon !!!


Alpine, the original One Drop !!


Carmel 10-char


I am currently obsessing over Honeydew Creams and waiting on a big package from Ecigexpress right now!


What is a flavor profile?
With no coherent definition in English, umami refers to the savoriness of a dish, using ingredients whose flavors are commonly described as earthy or meaty. This is the elusive “fifth taste” that registers on a person’s tongue. Technically, it is the detection of glutamates in food
re: https://www.google.com/search?q=flavor+profile&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
Blue cheese tops the list.


Nutty or fruit/cream profiles.

Thanks for the chance!


Sweet savory tobacco flavors.


Fruits with Cream, thank you for the opportunity