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$30 gift code Easter Giveaway from ecigExpress


aw shux lol. thanks for the chance tho


Congrats @nicomanteno and thanks so much for the giveaway @ecigexpress


congrats @nicomanteno and ty ecx


Thanks ecigexpress ! you made made day, now to decide what I would like to try.


@ecigexpress you guys are awesome thanks for doing giveaways!! @nicomanteno you lucky duck!!! Enjoy it!


Grats Nico!!

@ecigexpress appreciate the chance to win!


Congrats @nicomanteno

maybe next time for poor old me


Nice win @nicomanteno and thanks for the chance @ecigexpress, you rock :+1:


Congrats @nicomanteno and thanks @ecigexpress


Congratulations @nicomanteno :raised_hands:
Thanks for the Great Giveaway @ecigexpress :+1:




congrats @nicomanteno and thank you @ecigexpress !!


Finally bit the bullet and ordered Alpine yesterday. Keepin’ mah finners crossed!


You won’t regret it, when I did alpine with 1 drop, it was with other S.B., but after vape testing and than i added one drop of alpine, and vaped i could really see, taste a difference, so i believe this will be a great S.B. to add to other S.B. in lower %. I hope that make since !!!


Thanks for the giveaway ecig! Always fun.


I hope they ship soon. Can’t wait to look up some Flavorah Lenomade recipes.if you have a good one please share. Also thanks again to ecigexpress, first time I won anything that I can remember.I am not a very lucky person in general.


Hmmmm, wonder where my entry went?

OK, for 3rd time, hopefully in the upcoming drawing:

I love Creamy Nuts!

(Shut UP @Sprkslfly)! :nauseated_face: ;-0


yeah, I really hope they get my order sent out soon, they are usually very fast this is the first time it has taken this long for a regular order, granted it was a gift I really don’t mind but it kind of makes me feel like I am a beggar or something I have be regular customer for the last 4 years.

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