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4th of July Sales 2017


Seems odd to have a 4th of JULY sale for one day in JUNE.


It does, doesn’t it?


Thanks for the heads up! :grinning:

Time to stock up on the Chemnovatic Nicotine! $62.24 for a liter of 100mg/ml is a great price!


Heartland Vapes. Sorry I merged it from another topic with the company as the title and didn’t think about the fact that nobody will know who its for now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet, thanks!!


They also said in a followup post that the sale also applies to items in the ON SALE category!
(There’s direct links for your convenience in the original thread)


Anyone else having trouble with the BCF discount? I’ve tried it several times but it says it’s been disabled… @BullCityFlavors


The email I got says it starts Saturday July 1st


Looks like I jumped the gun… Thanks!


I only know because I did the same thing :grinning:


I plugged the same order into NR and it’s cheaper there, but the shipping charge is double that of BCF. I’ll wait until tomorrow and order from BCF.


My bad, I went back and edited the post.


Looks like the makings of BaN… (I just remixed mine so I recognized the ingredients…)



Eciggity has 18% =)

Great vendor with great customer service!


Don’t forget about Fasttech! They’re doing a 15% off for one day on the 4th of July. Here’s a little linky love:



Gearbest put a nice page together…


Very good sales starting today until July 4th. I started a 4th of July Sales thread on MV and other’s have contributed to “All In One” lists of all the vendors with discounts: Mods, Attys, DIY supplies, Miscellaneous Gear, etc.

Here’s the links so far. Happy hunting.


I shop ECX every now and then but this kind of irritates me. And as luck would have it the excluded brands are the ones I need to restock!


Sorry bout that I have had too many bad experiences this past year :frowning: