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A G-Fog Comparison of the Cthulhu Hastur, Siren 2 and Berserker MTL Atty's


@dunskoy I have not had the opportunity to try the Fumytech Rose, so am unable to comment.
I have noted in various reviews that it has the same tendancy as the Berserke to leak after filling, if top filled. So the same solution as the Berserker is required, bottom fill.
My preference at the moment is the Innokin Ares, which is a better option all round. IMHO
Of course it is all subjective.


Thank you @G-Fog. well, I’ll take a closer look at the Innokin Ares.


You’re welcome @dunskoy good luck.


A couple of points. I personally like the drip tip. But, of course tips are a very personal preference matter. As to the volume, .I pointed this out once before, but looks like the OP has not edited the correction on this. The 22mm actually holds ~about 3.25ml. You must factor in the presoak of the very large wick area. Here is the details


As you say it is all down to personal preference :grinning:
As to the capacity, with any tank you can always squeeze a little more into it, however the 22mm Siren 2 is marketed as a 2ml tank, hence that is the number I quoted.
Good point though, so that people know that they can always get a bit more into their tank, if they so wish.
Thanks for your input.


Tried Rose and Gotank. Both passed further. Gotank is better for me. Smaller chamber if I remember well.
If you don’t mind bottom fill, go for Dwarv, my personal fav atm. Using it with second biggest air insert. I never leave home without 2. Second is Berserker and I also fill it from bottom so I never have leak probs. Berserker Mini can be top filled but the tank is just too small and it gives equal flavor if not better.
Others I constantly use are Galaxies, By.Ka 7, DoggyStyle. Siren 2 and Expromizer 3 I kept but I don’t use them very often.
All my coils are either 2mm or 2.5mm max with mostly 30AWG SS or Kanthal wire aimed at 1.1 to 1.5 Ohms and vaped between 10 and 13 Watts. One 3000mAh cell gets me through the day easily :relaxed:


Well, a couple of comments here:

It’s not “a little more”… it is 35% more.

Digiflavor the manufacturer of the Siren V2 is based in Shenzhen, China, and their best understanding, from that distant point of view, of regulations possibly in effect in a major share of the market where they planned to sell the units, might have been that the TPD provisions on tank capacity is 2ml,.

It is likely that, as the regulation is not written clearly and is ambiguous, they probably just made the decision to put the 2ml capacity in the product documentation as an accommodation to the regulatory authorities rather than re-tool and possibly destroy an excellent design that had obviously received a great deal of carful effort to create. It is, in fact, a design collaboration of some of the best and most experienced MTL minds in the business.

But, as a reviewer your reporting of “it’s 2ml because that is what the documentation states” must be more critical and report the fact of capacity, not the written documentation. The fact is: the tank capacity is actually almost 35% more than 2ml. It is 35% more than you reported.

I would think it very unfortunate if anyone reading your review were dissuaded from purchasing this excellent MTL product based on that error.


This is also available as a “mini” which is 22mm in Diameter: from reliable vendors like this.


Hey @G-Fog! Good job! Appreciate the write up. Really insightful!


All good points, thank you.


Thanks @SmilingOgre This comparison was requested by a member, and I have no inclination to be a reviewer. I enjoy yours and other reviewers offerings too much. Thanks. :grinning:


If i understand it clear, Siren’s 2 tank can hold 2ml and the rest 1.25ml is in your deck’s cotton not in your tank. Right?