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A new record low for full flavor!


Funny - the screws on mine are fine, it’s the 2-4ml version with the crappy screws…


Same here if I open the juice control the full two turns. I’ve been experimenting and found 1 turn per 10W ie 3/4 turn for 7W, max VG. If I run 1 turn open at 7W by midday it gurgles…

For the Noobs here - and if it does gurgle, remove the drip tip, shake the tank out (like a thermometer), close the juice control completely, and keep it closed while you’re vaping until you detect a subtle change in the flavour, maybe the balance changes (you taste more of one flavour than previously), then open the juice control again. If you don’t open it at this point you’ll eventually get a dry hit. Go on, try it - enjoy ;p)


The acrylic piece I made to replace the glass


Great job looks awesome.


That’s bloody awesome! Wow


Can anyone tell me if the Prime wide open is similar to the K5 at 1 pip? I am not a MTL nor a DL type. I need just a touch more air than a" true" MTL and enjoy my K5s at the lowest setting.The listed air hole sizes would indicate that it is but those numbers don’t always translate.


I’m 99.99% sure the Kayfun 5 is still more airy at the smallest AFC setting than the Kayfun Prime is at the largest AFC setting. I have both but can’t actually do a valid check right now because I’ve throttled my K5. However I do recall that I could not MTL at all on the Kayfun 5, but I can MTL on the Kayfun Prime even at the largest AFC setting…

However I prefer the smallest setting.This MTL quest/journey from Siren to UTA2 to Kayfun 5 to Kayfun Prime has made me realise that I like to vape the same way I used to smoke a pipe or cigar. It would take several puffs (and corresponding application of lighted match) to get it going, tasting the changing flavours from ‘first-light’ to ‘çherry-glowing’, at which point I would inhale the lovely rich smoke. Which is why I run at 6.7W - after several puffs and power pulses it is as hot and rich as an 11W single draw vape, but I get to taste all the intermediate flavours on the way :slight_smile:

And at 6.7W, 4ml of juice and 1 x 18650 lasts 2 days :slight_smile: Just to make sure I’m not deluded about the flavor - this setup is at least as flavoursome as my Bellus with twin Claptons at 60W, and my Serpent Mini with RipTripper’s setup at 24W. Nowhere near the clouds (or juice and battery consumption), but flavor and throat-hit are equal if not better.

You don’t need mega-watts for good flavor - the satisfaction is a bit like leaving the V8 at the lights in your well-tuned Datsun 1200 :wink:

(incidentally the UTA2 is easily as good as the Kayfun Prime, but the Prime has an easier build deck)


Lest we forget where vaping came from, and that even sub-ohming has only been around in wide circulation for a few years.

When I started vaping, there were still living threads where people were marveling at someone’s ability to build a deck with a ‘powerful’ 30w vape. So yes, certainly you don’t require high power for big flavor. I’m happy at 28w at the moment, and am always somewhere between 24w and 46w depending on the setup. I’m not one to knock anyone’s comfort zone (as long as you’re safe and understand what you’re doing), but there’s no doubt that after sub-ohm and high wattage became all the rage- with vendors gladly making them more and more powerful- it seems that you see so much “Power!! Go for the Power!!” that the lower power setups are almost portrayed as insufficient to new vapers. Far from true.

I was lulled by the siren song of the high watts when I started vaping, too, but have come to realize that the cell life and juice savings are just worth more to me than low builds and massive cumulonimbus clouds. And I get a great vape, which is really the whole point anyway.

Wow, I sound like a grumpy old man.


Update - I’ve lost the 2ml clone (and Pico!!), and the 2/4ml clone was randomly open-circuit, now permanently. New job, new unit, can’t find my multi-meter to fix it, and not sure I can be bothered as I’m happily back to using my UTA2 and field-mod Siren 22. Point is - the 2/4ml KF Prime clone is playing up… (please excuse the cumbersome spelling out for searches)