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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder


Although you can see how much you will be missed, it is important, as others have already said, to take care of you and yours first! I am happy to see you taking your own advice! I have always wondered how you managed to do it for this long without a break, with school, kid, work, etc., I know it has to be super hard to manage it all. And for that I commend you, and thank you, for caring so much about our virtual home away from home!

I hope you get everything you need to do taken care of, and that it all goes as easy and as smooth as possible for you!

Good luck @JoJo, we’ll keep the :bulb::bulb::bulb: on for you!!!


@jojo, hope things are going well for ya, figured I’d drop a line in here and let ya know your missed.

Just today I thought,

Where’s Jojo, not seen her in awhile…


@JoJo, I (we) miss you. Please stop in and at least say hello so we know you are alright.


Miss you guys. :slight_smile: Still kinda working life out on my end, but I’m hoping I’ll be around more soon. :heart:


Sure hope everything is good.

Life takes us on many twist and turns and sometimes it is way more important to deal with that than spend time tending to ELR even if you love being around.

I have had to step away a couple of times but have also felt right at home when I was able to come back and play.

Take care of what you need to take care of. You know you will be welcomed back with many hugs.

Thoughts and prayers your way.


Hey @JoJo, it is so good to hear from you! I hope all is well and that everything is working out the way you want and need it to!


Just checkin in to say hello and let you guys know I’m still alive. :wink: Miss you guys and I hope you’re all doing well.


Its wierd not seeing you around :kissing_heart: but i am over the moon that you are doing well.


Great to hear. Miss you lots


Your taking too long to come back, the place has died without you here, I mean, look at this place…
It’s just an empty hole of sadness… A bottomless pit of despair… All doom and gloom…


I don’t know, I’ve been around a little, maybe not all doom and gloom. Oh hell, yeah it is. Stay back already!!!


hey :slight_smile: thanks a bunch for dropping by to say hello.
Nice to know you’re still alive and kicking.

ain’t that the truth!



Hope you are doing well, Miss JoJo. I havent broken anything, that i know of. :slight_smile:



Glad to hear your doing okay, hope ya come around more…


Hope you are doing well!


We sure miss you bunches, Lady!!