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Accidental Clone


I was goofing around last night, making a cookie and nut vape, and accidently cloned Kookie Krunch … it’s one of my favorite eliquids, so I’m obviously not upset. I doubt they used the exact same flavors but the likeness is so close I can’t tell the difference between the two. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2806749/saved


Looks good. Sadly I don’t have ice cream sandwich but may try cookies and cream flv.


Sounds good, thanks for sharing…!


let me know how that turns out if you don’t mind.


You’re welcome, was just in shock that happened honestly LOL


For sure. You may need to remind me 6 weeks. Lol.


:+1::+1:Right on!


Serendipity should get more credit for great inventions in general. Your recipe looks inspired because the list of ingredients goes like…
“Ok …yeah …oh yum …wHaT? …BAM”
Thanks for the share! Looks brain-tasty© ~!