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Amber's Voopoo Drag 157W TC (I'm In Love)


I’m kind of the same way although I have an older Therion DNA166 that I still use daily. Haven’t paid much attention to the Voopoo (it’s a name thing, like Vboy) but I’m a sucker for software based configurations. I just love fiddle-fuckin’ with all sorts of parameters.
Nice review @Silhouette!


Now that’s a super duper review! You covered it all. Very nice!


Very nicely done. After reading the whole review, I don’t even think I have any questions about it !!! Did think the corners looked sharp as you mentioned, and the speedy firing has me intriged.


If you hold it with the firing button facing away from you, it will press into the skin below your fingertips, especially if you are having a 4-6 min vape session. That’s how I always hold my mods, but if you use it with the button facing you, it’s not as bad. They surely could have rounded the edges a bit. Thank ya :wink: I tried my best with this review.


I can’t be the only one who pictured a naked lady dancing around while playing a fiddle… Can I? :grinning:


Ha, yeah! It’s just my term for tinkering. :sunglasses:



Awesome review Amber, very factual and your pictures are epic, nice job! love me a VooPoo, they’re awesome devices :wink: thanks for sharing! :ok_hand:


Thanks Pugs, I consider that great praise coming from you. I also linked people to your site on my review on ECF (I hope that’s OK with you, I should have asked your permission first).


Of course its ok!..especially on ECF …they HATE me on their lmaoo :joy::joy: thank you! 🖒


I don’t much care for it, it’s all wonky and I can’t figure out where everything is. I haven’t even talked to a single person on there either.


Excellent review Amber, I really enjoyed reading it :+1:


Has anyone tried the Zeus rta on their drag, if not you have got to get you some of that. I’ve got some addys and mods collecting dust ever since I paired the two together. Especially since I got the SS version of the Zeus they almost match perfect and the vape experience is one of the best I’ve ever had.


I have not, although that sounds fabulous. I wanted to show a SS Atty (Goon) with the Drag, just so people could see what it looked like against the Drag finish, it’s quite beautiful.


Yes it is I use mine for all of my out on the town stuff I just feel like it is that nice.