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Amoretti Flavorings


Honestly… (and while I very much appreciate the thought) there’s almost as many identifiers and subgroups with Amoretti as there are with NF. chuckles

Given that, I think the easiest way to to go with these are to just use the following:

Flavor Name (extract, or natural, etc) ID Number (Amoretti)

Personally, even the “extract” etc could be skipped, as there shouldn’t be a way to confuse the numbers. But I’m sure someone out there will prefer to know (at a glance) if it’s an extract etc. /shrugs

There are several examples already though (back before I got massively in depth with the flavor situation) should one look up Amoretti.


This statement is on point , i could see this company and thwir customers get things confused , maybe it will be us here on ELR that gets them moving in the right direction


Ok mixed up my testers and thankfully i checked the ingredients 2 were PG based , 2 were VG based and 1 was Alcohol based…be careful to check so when entering you can change your base preferences


Bahh, got cut off…http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/285194 and ill be reporting some mistakes in dup checker, sry bud.


Wowzer that one helluva long title for a flavor lol , cant we just put Blueberry Natural #1262 (Amoretti) ?? The ones we use should all be WS and as farvas the carrier we set those in the description part


Is too long so i dropped the i.d. number. The number is an awesome idea but recalling searching thru the flavor list when i didn’t actually have the flavor and an i.d number would do nothing for me while a description would be better. Whatever the syntax ends up being is fine w/ me. I failed at trying to being helpful. had hell of a time at 6am trying to enter just 2 and ended up w/ 4 or 5 mistakes. I was fighting w/ that auto correct after i entered one w/o capitalizing but i made sure i got that shit right to make ya happy @fidalgo_vapes :laughing:


Your the greatest!!! lmao that drove me nuts last night , i tried and tried to enter the key lime another way …


Natural Graham Cracker (Amoretti) 10% (2-5-19) – First tester on deck with almost 2 weeks steep. At first I kept getting a somewhat heavy coconut off of this one, which subsided while vaping. At 10% was nicely full, rich, somewhat sweet, with a nice lower end. It was in the park for a GC, but didn’t scream it, much like TFA’s GCC. Actually it might be MORE of a GC than TFA’s GCC. Had a very slight salt undertone, but in no way was it overpowering, or off putting. Not as sharp as CAP’s GC, but not as subdued as TFA’s, sat right in the middle of the two. The coconut continued to peek out from time to time, but not consistently. As far as a natural GC goes, it sits on the high side of the middle @ 6.5/10.


Ty … Did you make any lower percntage testers??


I was wondering as well!


@fidalgo_vapes, @Plunderdrum the first round was all done @ 10%, with the exception of the Mara Cherry @ 8%. After this round I may re-test lower depending on what they seem like. @ 10% the GC was not cloying or overpowering IMO.


Maraschino “Bing” Cherry (Amoretti) 8% (2-5-19) – This flavor was completely white, and opaque when shaken. Was unsure whether or not to proceed, but continued testing anyway. Out of the bottle, smelled like one of the best Cherries I have smelled. After 2 week steeping however, the bloom came off the rose. The 8% was a tad milky/cloudy in the bottle, and the great cherry was there, but it was tempered by a fairly dry, acrid-ness, that did not present well. This one did not appear to be too heavy @ 8%, cloying, or medicinal, but my recommendation would be NOT for vaping. 1/10. Really good mixer for drinks though !!!


Sweet Corn (Amoretti) 10% (2-5-19) – I was anxious to try this one, having only one good corn in my arsenal. Smelled quite “kernely” in the bottle, and the initial vape continued that, wherein you could almost taste the kernel, not the Freetos effect. This one however was a bit harsh, and almost salty. Not sweet at all that I could tell. I continued vaping just to make sure I got it right, and then the somewhat salty harshness did the rest of the tester in. It does have some very good corn kernel taste(s), but there is little to no sweetness, and the salty-ish harshness leaves me wondering where, if at all, it could be used, at least for vaping. Other uses might be better. 2/10.


Marshmallow (Amoretti) 10% (2-5-19) – Although this smelled out of this world in the bottle, it was obviously TOO thick to be used as a vaping flavor. Heating it up thinned it just a bit, but with the remaining thickness, and grainy nature, this was better suited for cooking or beverages. Amoretti was kind enough to offer a Toasted Marshmallow as a replacement. No rating given.


I am glad it was, because there will be that one person (not you but in general) that doesn’t know that the nutrition/ingredients label on that bottle, actually shows sugar. Well Sugar substitute but still not actually made for vaping. Other of your bottles showed salt, which is not sterile saline solution that we sometimes use at very small amounts, it’s different, on top there’s no percentages listed or what kind of salt it is, makes it even more dangerous.

I am grateful that you’re doing these notes, but make sure you’re not putting yourself in physical harm, Amoretti should know better by now, and we should just highlight that this is not meant for vaping! Barely any of their flavors are as we seem to have discovered lol.

Still thank you for the notes :hugs:


You’re very welcome @estorm. I may addend the notes with any questionable ingredients, if listed.


That makes sense @SessionDrummer I can see if I had mixed my Graham Cracker at a higher percentage I might be getting that too.
I also realize I put my initial notes (right after mixing) on the Amoretti Home User Line thread. l haven’t checked it since then but here is a copy of my original notes.

I was really looking forward to Graham Cracker, because I love graham cracker. My initial sniff raised a question. That question was “what in the world is this?”. The ingredients on the label say natural flavor and salt. I mixed this at 2%. It taste pretty good just not like graham cracker. I bumped this up to 3%. It is fresh and sorta creamy. Okay, after several redrips into this rda I’ve figured it out. No It’s not 7up cake it’s french toast. Milk egg dipped bread fried over a little butter till firm, no cinnamon no syrup. mildly sweet.