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Anyone care to debunk the latest scary health test results?


Is the response of steam less harmful than smoke?
In my opinion, those who seek a healthy life do not vaporize or smoke.
If there is scientifically unanimous consensus that vaping is worse than cigarette, I will have this concern until then, I will not change the steam for the tobacco. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hate to break it to ya, but our body definitely processes everything we inhale.

What it is and the amount inhaled make the difference on what damage can be done. Cooking could very well be more dangerous, with all the steam, oil, and chemicals produced by heating food.
I just would like to know. hehe

Needless to say, there are so many more toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke.


oh, i know. I just meant that our bodies process the vapor, not the juice.


Yeah, but he’s big tobacco’s best friend and responsible for the draconian measures against vaping in Indiana during his time as governor.
His views on smoking probably haven’t changed at all. :nauseated_face:


Once they figure out how to tax the ever loving daylights out of everything vape related, we can rest assured that vaping will be much, much less dangerous.


This is the study that the potential harm to circadian rhythm = liver risk comes from. it’s just a hypothesis and lacks empirical evidence to support this articles claim. In case anyone is interested, it’s a good document and poses some interesting points, however our crazy news article takes a LOT of leaps and bounds to represent risk to our liver.

Even if the tests were accurate and did indeed show changes to the circadian rhythm (though the lack of information in the original article leads me to believe that it’s mostly bogus), the foundation of their argument is steadfast in very shallow, nonconclusive research.


Bullshit it’s all bullshit I am not big on conspiracy but I wouldn’t be surprised that the biggiest advocates against
vaping the fucking " Big Tobacco"( just a theory)


Same has been said about t-cigarettes for years. Why didn’t they scream as loud about that?


Vaping is not healthy, its risk reduction for smokers and a tool to quit smoking. This study seems to be legitimate to me, It is a little questionable because it doesnt identify the offending chemicals or compounds, and doesnt state how the tests were performed. I don’t understand why everyone is so defensive on this subject, vaping is bad for you obviously, mixers should know this were inhaling a chemical cocktail, but we have the chioce to decide what we use, the average vaper does not. I personally aviod acetyl propinol it has been shown to change gene expresion in lab rats, which is exactly what this study is showing, changes in gene expresion is what gets a smoker not the tar and nicotene. I choose to vape with my eyes wide open :metal:


Speaking personally, I always become defensive when a group of people try to decide what I can consume or do when I do not tread on the rights of others. This type of published scare tactics give the mob their burning torches and pitch forks.


Well you got me there i didnt look at it that way, i agree with you completely. If there are legimate health risks i want to know about them so i can make informed choices. Now that big tobacco is getting into vaping i dont see what the motivation is to attack vaping ? Dont they want vaping as a replacement product for cigarettes ?


I call bullshit.
“However, the long-term effects of e-cigarettes on liver disease, diabetes, heart disease or stroke are unknown”
I belive its just more fear mongering.


Big Tobacco wants what it has always had, a monopoly. If they could kill off the vaping industry as we know it, and secure the gov’t’s permission to market their vape products, they’d be right where they’ve always been. They’d make damn sure that the money they’ve lost in cigarette sales would be made back in vape sales. Also, would any sane person trust them not to start screwing around with the juice the way they did with tobacco? Imo, a person would have to be a complete idiot to trust BT.


I totally agree with you, it cant be stopped its already happening with nic salts and everyone is vaping it. Social action and protests are the only answer all vapers do is complain online.


Sure they do but they only want their product on the shelves and you forbidden to make your own. Same tactics big pharma uses, all with the aid of your Uncle Sam.


Well I have fatty liver disease but not from vaping O.o


American capitalism at its finest, with 8 million vapers in america now its just a matter of time before big business takes over, theres too much money to be made.


he’s an idiot anyway