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Are you still on the fence about Ti Wire?


I use temperature control exclusively with all my devices. I started out with ni200 but as soon as I found titanium wire it was over for nickel. I used Ti01 in ni200 mode until I got a device that supported titanium. Now I’m waiting for my Dna200 to arrive so I can mix and match anything!!


I just got mine yesterday. Now I’m studying on all this thing can do. I’m giving myself time to understand all it can do before I go live. I also exclusively vape with Ti wire. I started a DNA 200 Thread that may be useful to you. Feel free to add any comments you like… welcome aboard.


I finally got my hands on some titanium wire. I bought 24 ga Ti 1. I use a Sigelei 100 W plus mod and have a velocity rda, velocity mini rda, el Cabron rda and a Steamcrave Aromamizer rdta. I normally use nichrome n80 in all of them. I’ve been reading about how good Ti is so I decided to try it out and see how it compares to n80. I built a .12 ohm Ti spaced dual coil for the velocity mini and the Aromamizer. The regular velocity is sporting a .2 ohm, double twisted 26 ga n80 dual coil and the el Cabron has a .4 ohm double twisted 28 ga n80 dual coil. I juiced them all with Cuttwoodspy’s Unicorn Milk, sat my wife down and had a Vape off! Out of the rda’s the regular velocity won. I was surprised that the n80 beat the Ti but it could just be the rda. The velocity mini is my wife’s and I don’t normally use it. But what surprised me the most is that the Steamcrave Aromamizer rdta tasted the best out of all of them! My wife thought so too. I really couldn’t believe it. I’m a dripper. I almost always drip. I drip at home. I drip and drive. The only time I use a tank is when I go fishing. Before I got the Aromamizer I used an Atlantis with a .3 ohm coil at 70 watts. It wasn’t bad but the flavour just doesn’t compare with dripping. I got the Aromamizer a week or 2 ago and like it better than the Atlantis but even with a n80 build it still doesn’t compare to my drippers. But OMG with Ti it is even better! As soon as I’m done typing I’m going to put a Ti build in the regular velocity and see how it is! The other thing about the Ti is how easy it is. No getting the drill out and twisting up wire. No dry firing and pinching and strumming coils so they work evenly and properly. Just wrap up a coil. Stretch it out. Push it back together so it isn’t touching and mount it. I saw Pro Vapes pictures and little tutorial on making a spaced coil. I did that and it was as simple as could be!:+1::+1::sunglasses:


I guess the other thing that surprised me that my Sigelei would fire a .12 ohm coil. My wife has a Sigelei 75 tc and I first built a Ti coil for her velocity mini to try out in temp control. It was pretty awesome on that. 400 degrees at 50 watts. I then decided to try it on my Sigelei. It’s only supposed to fire down to .15 but it worked at .12. Then I built the exact same coil for the Aromamizer and the Vape off commenced!


Nickel is not safe to vape any more than Ti is. Nickel actually produces toxic fumes at a lower temperature than Ti. We cut both metals in the Aerospace shop where I work. You can smell the fumes coming off of the Inconel we cut which is a nickel based material. Titanium doesn’t produce any fumes that I have noticed. And Ti is much more heat resistent. You can hit it with a torch and place your hand on it shortly after. Because of that I would never use Nickel or Nichrome which also has a high Nickel content. To each their own. But I have cut metal most of my life. I will be trying Titanium here in a few days. I am still leary of it. But not as much so as Nickel.


My Sigelei will go to .1 ohm just fine.


I’m hoping to update this thread. Are there any new Ti users that would care to share their thoughts on Ti and vaping. This is for the good and the bad. We at ELR pride ourselves as being very informative and I’d just like to know if there are any new comments and what you think.


I am having some problems getting Ti to work. I got 26g Ti grade1 wire from lighting vapes today in the mail. Since early this afternoon I have been trying to get a build that would work in both a velocity dripper and a Lemo tank on the IPV4 with the upgrade already installed that gives you Ti mode. No luck so far.

I went with 26gauge because that is the largest wire the Lemo tank will comfortably fit trapping the wire under the screws. I am using Cotton Bacon version 2 and the issue I am having is the mod keeps flashing dry coil. You can even feel it in the vape. I remembered reading several people saying they are using Ti wire in nickel mode so I tried that also first hit was great then burnt cotton taste instantly on the second hit. While in Nickel mode I had the temp set at 220F down from the 350F I was at in Ti mode.

I really don’t think it is a wicking issue because on the Velocity dripper it does the same thing on the first draw even after dripping 20 drops of liquid directly on the coil. Coil and wick are soaking wet but the mod is still flashing dry coil rapidly while drawing on it.

In both devices I have done 8 wraps on 3mm bit spaced coils and I also did the alcohol cleaning of the wire before use. I am getting a reading of .355 ohm

I have been using nickel wire in both atty’s with the same mod successfully for several months now with no issues at all and with the same build 26g 8 wraps 3mm bit .08 ohms roughly.

So far Ti has been a horrible experience for me. I hope someone can help figure this out so I can see what all the praise about better flavor is all about.

Suggestions Please.


If we were in the same room I would hand you my coil winder with 2.5mm mandrel and have you do 7 wraps dual spaced on the velocity and 5 wraps for the Leno. Wick as normal and set mod to Ti. Start off at 400f and 40 watts/joules. Then if not hot enough adjust temp up 10 deg at a time up to 500f then if still not right start going up on watts/joules 5 at a time. This has been my procedure and I always find my sweet spot. Been using mostly 22ga Ti but use 26 in my Goblin mini.

What you’re describing does sound like a wicking issue but as you explained what you’re doing you may be able to rule that out. Good luck.


Just ordered one tonight, cant wait to get it. It is my first order in a long time, VTC mini’s too. I was reminded earlier about the Ti wire that PV had me order many months ago, ill give it a whirl as soon as my new toys arrive.


Be sure to set the Wire to TI in the menu. When the tank is at room temperature set the resistance by pressing both up and down button at the same time. Turn the temperature up to around 480-500 degrees set joules between 40-50 joules and you’ll have much better luck. This is a good place to start but only you will know the sweet spot, you’ll have to play to find it. The dripper might need much higher temp setting than the RTA to keep it from going into temp protect Hope this helps…

PS, Oh yeah, as @SthrnMixer said, SPACED COIL, do not use a contact coil…


If you’ve never used the Goblin Mini you’re in for quite a treat. Same with the VTC Mini. That’s my set up. I use 26ga dual, 6-7 spaced Ti on 2.5 mm. It’s the absolute best flavor producer I have. You may find you hate the supplied glass drip tip. I sure do…well maybe hate is a strong word. It comes with an adapter so you can use your 510 but the damn thing falls off. Common complaint. If you use it only at a desk or maybe it sits on the coffee table all the time it may be fine. But stick it in your pocket, or really just try to be mobile with that adapter attached, it will fall off, and if you have a nice drip tip on it you will probably lose it.

I found this and mine should be in Monday. Goblin Mini Fans - Good price on custom acrylic drip tip It’s a bit pricey for my taste but I swear by Acrylic drip tips…best there is.


I have been steady playing with the settings since I posted here with the issues and here is what I have found so far. I am using a Lemo tank and at 20 Jules and 300F or below the vape is smooth with plenty of vapor but no flavor to speak of but the mod is not flashing in and out of temperature protect. Turn it up in Jules or Temperature from there and back to flashing dry coil instantly. I am not ready to give up on Ti because I am sure this is something I am doing wrong or this IPV4 is having issues, it is one of the first run IPV4’s but has worked flawlessly until trying Ti wire today.


Good to know and thanks for the info. To be honest i have never found a tank that i loved, i am really hoping this will be the first. I have the same issue with tips falling off all the time so i bought some silicon glow in the dark DT’s from FT, they were stupid cheap so i bought a lot of them and carry a couple extra everywhere i go.


Ok tried this and instant burnt cotton taste but it did not flash dry coil so I backed the temp down to 300 and Jules still at 40 no bunt cotton but back to flashing dry coil.

I did lock the resistance at room temp and I have not reset the resistance lock and in the menu it is set for ti mode.

I will try the 5 wrap in the AM getting to late tonight but on the Velocity I only use single coils with the air flow restricted. Actually I have modified it by filling in half of the air holes making it a permanent single coil rig.


Ken I think there have been some really great strides in the RTA realm. I don’t buy stock coils for anything… I look at it as paying rent on my tank. That said, there’s the TFV4 which I own. Solid as a tank (pun :slight_smile: ), the Crown by Uwell, lots of newcomers. My favorite though which I say has only slightly less flavor production than the Goblin Mini is the new Aromamizer RDTA. OMG - it holds 6ml, tastes virtually identical to a dripper and has the most wonderful Velocity style 2 post deck. While I know that I rave about the goblin…if I could be given another tank right now of my choosing it would be another Aromamizer. Hands down. If you like small there is also the Advken Ohmega. It’s a great tank, I just think I got a crap one from first production. I will get another.

Oh yeah, one other thing about the Goblin. Be careful with the deck screws. This one likes to snap smaller gauge wire.


I was looking at that one as well, it is on my Christmas list.


I’m to sexy for my my mod


Does that say 68w? On a tank?


Oh yeah. You can build the thing to handle whatever a dripper will do. It basically is a dripper inside a tank. Now this set up is in Temperature Control with dual 22ga Titanium. But if you were to put a build that can handle the power this mod will do 200 watts. I don’t go for all that though.

I did do a halfassed review of this tank if you care to look - Aromamizer RDTA by Steam Crave - REVIEW