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Are you still on the fence about Ti Wire?


if I remember correctly the coil that came on it was only 4 wraps so I think that is gonna be perfect for the deck size and design…


@Pro_Vapes, I can not lung hit. You know that the TFV4 is a tank that is not for those who mouth to lung. How I wish I wasn’t limited to certain tanks. It is a bitch to watch as others can enjoy a wide variety of tanks and I can not. That’s what I get for smoking for 47 years…


Sorry friend, I forgot about your COPD.


That’s right, I believe you are correct. It did have a 4 wrap coil. Don’t know what gauge though. I do believe I’ll have a easier time getting it to fit in the deck with 4 wraps. Should be a little roomier…


Quite alright ! I’d like to forget about it too…lol


I’m pretty sure this is what came with the Crown RBA:


Yeah, probably. I heard they were SS too. Notice I’m shooting for .08. Most around here are saying the sweet spot is below .1. I won’t mention any names but his name is @Pro_Vapes…lol. Oooops, sorry !!! Anyway, thought I’d try it and see. I can always go back, right! I’m at .17 at this time but when I get my 22g ti I will see. Wish me luck…


I’ve been using the same build in my tfv4 and its an awesome vape. Duel coil so she can drink the juice,but being an x smoker of 30+yrs the old lungs are not what they were, so i tend to not do that tank in the mornings.
Even though its am awesome vape, its hardcore. Brings flavour out on juice that isn’t there in other builds.
Good luck with yours.
Ps. Running mine at 0.08


Marvelous !!! Now I’m doing the waiting game like you guys. I was hopeing that Unkamen supplies would ship today but guess it’s not gonna happen. Bad enough waiting for the post office to get it to you but the waiting for them to put it in the mail, down right sucks. Think I’ll go sulk in the corner…lol


Yeah, well after the crown, the TFV4 with 24 gauge is damned hard to beat. I want some 22ga, but I want some good clean wire, the soft stuff. My buddy is an MTL guy and when he took a hit off the TFV4 it was like his head blew off. The guy couldn’t take it, he handed it right back. I guess I use a lot of PG, so the TH is fierce. Anyway, I’d love to have someone try both, someone for which a hit off this tank would not be deadly would be bitchin!


Im at 0.12 with 24g TI right now. And wow


Yeah, I wasn’t recommending that build for TC, just saying what I believe was the factory build on the RBA. Same diameter and number of wraps but with 22g Ti1 should land you right at 0.08 ohms. :slight_smile:


I am 24ga, 0.119 Ohms, baby.


Yes, I understood. I was thinking you were right as well. Just went on to talk about my plans is all. Not sure I caught you saying they also used 22g though. Guess that means I’m on the right track then…


Yeah i didn’t think you ment that. Guess i just off on another track with this dna200 :slight_smile:


The gauge of the stainless that comes with the RBA is 26, but that’s nothing to do with anything really, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it. The main takeaway was supposed to be the 2.5mm diameter and the # of wraps. Just meant to reassure you that you have plenty of room for the build you were talking about. Sorry bout that.


That’s quite alright. A little reassurance never hurt anyone. I’m actually a better juice blender than a hardware man. A little reassurance could go a long way for me :wink:


Zigs. You keep saying RBA. What is that ? I’ve never heard of a RBA


RBA = ReBuildable Atomizer


Oh ok. Now i see. Dope lol. Now it makes sense. I was just lost. Ask my wife that normal :slight_smile: