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Ave40 Vape Gear Update, Promotion, Coupon Codes, Giveaway and More!


Where to get the Joyetech EGO AIO?
All you favorite Joyetech EGO AIO gather here>>

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This Limitless LMC 200w box mod TC has a mirrored screen and 4 new and easy to customize plate designs.[/I]

In case you don’t know about Limitless, their purpose is to offer items that are easily personalized via compatible parts. The particular Limitless mechanized tube mod made use of customized sleeves, therefore we bring this [B]Limitless LMC 200W TC mod review (what a chew) with back and front plate customizability on the table.

Not too long ago they’ve launched 4 new models for this particular mod, and if you already know about Limitless Mod Co., you no doubt know there’s more about the way.

The main concept powering this is to offer “limitless” odds of personalization for your vape.

LMC 200w Box Mod[/B] Features
Design and Style
This [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-200w-box-mod.html]Limitless LMC 200W[/URL][/B] is quite well-made TC mod.

Despite the fact that little with its height and width of 95 x 63.7 x 23.8mm it seems big yet durable to keep because of the fact that it features a rectangular chassis. In addition to this amazing feature, there is a compatible permanent magnetic plate on each part of the frame protecting the two 18650 battery pack that powers this product.

For sale in different colors, the compatible plates come in regular orange LMC layout, fluorescent natural green bandana, multi-colour bandana and skull style (Sold individually).

This LMC box mod features a mirror display screen that wraps up in its OLED display, for you to make use of also as a hand mirror. Thou the display isn’t easily nicked like a typical hand mirror does, it’s fingerprint magnet which for me personally is bothersome to own as a feature.

This Limitless LMC 200W doesn’t have universal serial bus port which means you require an external battery charger to charge the 18650 power packs. It’s also worth mentioning; it doesn’t have a firmware update, so you’ll be trapped the way you buy this unit. In case there’s a problem using the firmware you’re all on your own!

This Limitless LMC 200W features a brand-new chipset manufactured in the united states using an array of 12 to 200W alongside full temp regulation with the atomizer reluctance range of 0.08 to 5.0 ohms. The temp effects of this device facilitate Ni200, Titanium, and stainless rings with a temp range of 230 to 580°F / 100 to 300°C.

The compatible plates can be found in four cool shades: Standard Orange LMC design, Fluorescent Green Bandana, Multi-Color Bandana.

The 3 Selectable Output Settings means that you can make a choice from power, soft, and standard settings to increase power:

•Soft Setting / SO:Provides you with a slower boost of your desired power level or temp, perfect for Mouth to Lung Breathes in.

• Standard Setting / ST:Comes after Traditional Power Contour which means in this setting it really works like a standard velocity of an LMC 200w mod.

• Powerful Setting / PO: Provides a robust and swift increase velocity for the desired power level or temp.

Menu and Screen Functionality
In my opinion, the most important disadvantage to this product sits directly in this part. The particular OLED screen is based aside of the LMC mod and also, it’s quite tiny. That whole facet is protected with a mirror-like exterior that may be convenient in case you’re a hastening little lady who would like to check the facial foundation real fast without heading to the washroom (no transgression girls, I myself make sure that my makeup is just right, too). Apart from that, and the simple fact it looks fairly good, but it’s completely worthless.

The actual function of that mirror-like finish is to acquire fingerprints from those who just look at it unusually. I’m really serious - the very first day I selected this [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-200w-box-mod.html]limitless LMC box mod[/URL],[/B] it without a doubt had six groups of finger prints on it!

At this point, this mirror might be big, but the screen really isn’t. It’ protects about 1 / 4 of the flat surface and it is set. The detail it shows is bound to temp, setting, memory port being used, the level of resistance, and life cycle of the battery. That’s not too awful - undoubtedly, this wouldn’t be in case you didn’t need to scrunch up your eyes to make out the numbers.

Reception menus can be quite a bit less complicated. I’m gonna provide you with easy essentials regarding how to use this product because it’s pretty diverse from every other mod I’ve stumbled upon. Enough to share that clicking on + and - control keys won’t make positive changes to temp whatsoever. It’s a little more difficult than that.

  1. [B][I][U]Power up/Power down:[/U][/I][/B] To be able to switch on the unit, click on the fire option five times. In order to power down, click on the fire option five times swiftly (in any other case, right after the 3rd click it’s gonna freeze itself) and after that click on the + option (the one next to the OLED screen).

  2. Lock/Unlock: Click on the fire option three times quickly to lock this device and 3 times extremely fast to un-lock it.

3.Menu Setting: To get in the menu setting, you’re going to need to click on the fire option 5 times quickly. At this point, riding through the menu setting isn’t completed with the + and also the - key - it’s performed by clicking on the fire option continuously. Objects are determined by pushing the + button.

Battery Lifespan
The dual power packs fall under one of the easily-removed plates. The best thing about this layout is that [B]limitless vape mod took special care while creating the battery compartments. The hooks won’t affect the battery covering, which is actually a case with lots of box mods.

When it comes to battery lifespan, I just can’t say it’s breathtaking. Also vaping on much lower power level generally seems to mess up the battery pack pretty fast. Vaping over 80W function will empty it in approximately 5-6 hours. I just spent a night vaping in this 40ties, but it had hardly been able to last the entire day.

On the other hand, all dual battery pack mods have got this specific drawback, and LMC 200W mod even now outperforms a lot of its rivals with regards to the life of the battery. Therefore I’m likely to suggest it’s not too shabby in this section. Needless to say, battery lifespan is likely to rely on the way you vape significantly - the higher the power level setting, the quicker the deplete.

Product Packaging
This LMC vape mod is available in a pleasant rectangle-shaped plastic-type box that helps to keep it all close and secure and helps prevent the problems during transportation. It’s a no extras wrapping - the main top is see-through which means this pretty kid will look back at you when you open this box. The backside of this box is embellished with Limitless brand name and their Twitter and Instagram pages which means you know exactly where to point those great pics you take with this mod.

Additionally, you will see a legal disclaimer in the backside. Generally, it informs you that this mod isn’t for novices. It’s a package mod aimed towards skilled users. A couple of text on that:

• Be sure that your power packs are secure to use in adjustable voltage units.

• Be sure the battery packs are fully covered - don’t alter that!

• Check the atomizers before making use of it with [B][URL=https://www.ave40.com/limitless-200w-box-mod.html]Limitless Box Mod[/URL][/B]

LMC will not be accountable for harming and improper use of this item, which can be completely easy to understand. There are plenty of things that could make a mistake if you’re not a good skilled user so seek advice from a seasoned artisan in your neighborhood vape store before making use of rebuildable atomizers for this mod.

In the package deal, you will get:

· Limitless 200W Mod

· A couple of Compatible Plates (regular red with LMC emblem)

· Instructions

The user guide you receive with the vape mod is quite simple - it’s even more of a booklet as compared to a handbook. On the other hand, it lets you do handle every little thing you want to know at the start, from simple routing to screen warnings. To be appropriately truthful, this is really a fairly simple mod while you ponder over it, however, I do feel that manufacturers ought to be a little more precise with their directions, in the interests of more informal users.


Hello vapors!

New Innovation come, welcome check:
JUSTFOG J-Easy 3 Battery VV Mod

JUSTFOG J-Easy 3 Battery is a portable Mod with 900mAh built-in battery capacity. It adopts adjustable output voltage with 3 levels to fit vapors’ different vaping tastes. Featuring constant output voltage, 3 indicator lights to show battery life and various protection functions, this device is simple and convenient to use, Perfect match with P14A Atomizer.

JUSTFOG P16A Compact Starter Kit 900mAh

JUSTFOG P16A Starter Kit is a revised version of Q16 Kit, which includes a built-in 900mAh J-Easy 3 battery and 1.9ml P16A clearomizer. With easy bottom airflow control, bottom filling design, 3 level varies voltage function and an easy one button operation, P16A kit provides a safe and easy vaping experience. Black color.

Actually, this 2 items form JUSTFOG is really worth to take, not only for it’s power function, but also for it’s unique design, easy carry and elegant!
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Vaping is the most popular, stylish, and yes, healthier alternative to smoking. Not only does it not affect our health, it also saves the people around us. Vaping has thus become a sensation with both the people who’re trying to smoke and the non-smokers. Smok, the popular brand from China has always offered some of the best vaping kits out there. Their one of the most popular kits include the Smok T-Priv Kit and the Smok Priv V8 Kit. Made with latest design and available in various colors, it makes the experience surreal as well as stylish. If you want to know more about its latest products and decide which one’s the most suited for you, read our full review about the vaping kits.

Smok T-Priv Kit
The battery operated vaping kit consists of a mod and a baby tank. It has an aggressive exterior design and is available in bold colors. The design resembles a sports car’s body and lights up perfectly well with its LEDs to give the appropriate illusion. The LED around the kit can be customized, making your kit different from your friend, even if you have one in the same color. The Smok T-Priv vapors are powered by dual high-amp 18650 batteries and provides an output range of up to 220 W. It can handle the temperature within the range of 200-600 F. The kit also comes with a TVF 8 Baby Tank with a juice reservoir, which can hold up to 5ml of juice. The kit comes with pre-installed baby coils to ensure the compatibility and give you the best vaping experience.
The biggest advantage of the [URL=https://www.ave40.com/smok-t-priv-kit.html]Smok T-Priv vapor[/URL] is that it can support nickel, titanium, as well as stainless steel heating elements. The temperature control also keeps the vapor from heating too much. Apart from that, the 12 second cut-off mechanism protects you from any mishaps that may happen. It also protects you from any short circuits as well. The micro USB Port helps charge it when the battery runs low. It comes with an added puff monitoring system along with an intelligent atomizer recognition. The added adjustable airflow system helps you take longer puffs. The intuitive display allows you to keep a track of the battery power, the temperature and the voltage of the vapor. The kit will notify you every time the battery runs low so that you can either charge it or replace the cells.

SMOK Priv V8 Kit
Another good product offered from the Chinese brand is the [URL=https://www.ave40.com/smok-priv-v8-kit.html]Smok Priv V8 Kit[/URL]. The kit includes a Priv V8 mod as well as TVF V8 baby tank. It offers a sleeker design as compared to the Smok T-Priv mod and has a two-colored tone. This uses a 18650 battery as a power source to work and has a single button activation worked by a large fire button. Just like the T-Priv kit, this also comes with a baby tank but has a lower capacity of only 3ml in it. The coils are also exclusively designed for this kit to offer you the best experience.The Priv v8 mod is lighter as compared to the T-Priv and offers a more compact solution. It can easily fit into your pocket and can lit up with the click of a huge button.

However, it doesn’t have an OLED display like the former one and makes use of LED indicator to show if it is working, charging, etc. The LED indicators also notify you when it is time to charge your vapor. It features a micro USB port to help you charge it whenever you need to. The Smok Priv V8 kit ensures your safety by offering protection against any form of short circuit or over heating of the mod. It also has an 8-sceond cut off time if not in use.
Which one should you choose?The Smok T-Priv and the Smok Priv V8 are both full of great features to enhance your vaping experience. The T-Priv is bulkier as compared to the Priv V8 version and can be used for a longer duration. The baby tank for T-Priv can hold 5ml of juice whereas the one with Priv V8 offers only 3ml. The Priv V8 compact and is good for travelling around. It serves as a great option for someone who has just started vaping whereas the T-Priv is suggested for more advanced users.

However, both of them are slightly flawed when it comes to offering protection. Despite of both the vapors being well equipped with short-circuit and overheat protection, the large fire button doesn’t work in its favor and may light up accidentally. Apart from that, both make a good buy but should opt for the T-Priv if they’re looking for the best features along with good style in their vaping kit.


Vaporesso SWAG 80W Starter Kit with NRG SE Tank

The Vaporesso SWAG 80W Starter Kit with NRG SE Tank adopt progressive IML generation, which is powered by means of unmarried high-rate 18650 battery and the most output may be reached to 80W to carry you excellent vaping enjoy. With upgradable OMNI 2.Zero chip, Vaporesso SWAG capabilities 2A fast charging. SWAG Kit is paired with the NRG SE Tank, supporting 2ml and three.5ml e-juice capability for choice, with twist Open design and CCELL coils to provide exquisite flavors. NRG SE Tank features adjustable backside air drift.

[B]Best special:[/B]
Palm size design, fits your pocket comfortably
Smooth Adjustable Bottom Airflow
Twist Open Design
Top Battery Cap Design

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Hello friends,

Have you check the Vgod Elite 200 Box Mod 200W which is a power guys with the maximum output up to 200w. different with the powerful VGOD Elite Mech Mod, Vgod Elite 200W comes with many best special as follows:

An easy-to-read OLED screen and big fire button
The maximum output can up to 200w
Matt black Aluminum body with brushed Stainless Steel features
ProMode with adjustable to 7 seconds in 1 second intervals
Firmware upgradable
Rapid micro USB charging
Temperature control mode in Stainless Steel, Titanium & Nickel

Classic appearance

How about your feeling of this Vgod Elite 200?
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Vapors here,

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*IJOY RDTA MOD Full Kit -75% OFF

*Limitless Gold RDTA Tank 4.75ml -40% OFF

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Three reason for you to purchase this Smoant Charon TS 218 Touch Screen Mod
, wiser will choose:

  • Perfect UI design, with Strong sense of science and technology
  • The most sensitive touch screen
  • Five top stylish color

Check Unboxing Video here:


Vapors here!

Today’s new item:
Shanlaan Laan Pod 40W Starter Kit

Along with one-contact get entry to to Child Lock, you may discover that Laan cannot be used in case you’re now not close by. Plus, you’ll have get entry to to control the device temperature, power and greater. Laan refillable pod allows you to enjoy any e-liquid you like, at the same time as Laan pre-fillable pay attention pods are crammed through the best American pay attention producers. Laan is the smallest pod mod with the maximum powerful overall performance for an fantastic cloud turning in. Never settle for “top sufficient”, and be revolutionary, in each piece-no matter how small, like the Laan’s turn open USB port layout. Premium leather statistics both vapor and climate as it mellows and ages slowly over months and years of uses.

Available colors are: Black, White, Brown

[B]Special feature:[/B]
Modular Design
Poco Pin conection
Top Airflow & Top Filling
Negative pressure inflitration
150-200 puffs per pod
Suggested 5-10 times refill
CLose system available for preflling e-liquid or consentrate
iPhone class craftmanship
Lightweight and corrosion-proof aluminum
Applicable to iOS & Android

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Vapors Here!
Today’s new item is:

IJOY CAPO KIT 100W With Captain Mini Subohm Tank

[URL=https://www.ave40.com/ijoy-capo-kit-100w-captain-mini-subohm-tank.html]IJOY CAPO KIT 100W[/URL] with Captain Mini Subohm Tank is powered by using single high-charge 21700 battery and most output may be reached to 100W to bring you awesome vaping experience. Continuous discharge modern of IJOY CAPO Mod can be above 40A. The covered IJOY Captain Mini Sub ohm Tank comes with large three.2ml e-juice ability and adopts Delrin Widebore Drip Tip offering great flavors. CAPO Kit capabilities massive size fire button and effective layout.

Special features:
100W Maximum Output with High-rate 21700 battery
Thread-Less Coil Head Design
Unique Groove Chassis - Reduce Heat Transmission
The smoothest airflow and the best flavor
Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
Big size fire button

You may only need:
JOY CAPO KIT 100W Without Battery

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Cool mod :sunglasses:


Hello vapors,
Bet you will like this IJOY CAPO Box Mod 100W, check in, do not hesitated.
The IJOY CAPO 100W BOX MOD features 100W maximum output. Continuous discharge current of IJOY CAPO Mod can be above 40A. It has Big size fire button and Unique Groove Chassis - Reduce Heat Transmission. A single battery Box Mod but a dual 18650 batteries life.


Dear all,
Today’s latest coming:
Eleaf iStick Tria Kit 300W with ELLO S Tank

The iStick Tria Kit, a brand new effective mod by means of Eleaf, accepts triple 18650 batteries and is able to firing up to 300W, allowing a far more large vapor manufacturing than ever. The universal compact profile and fashionable visible attraction of the iStick Tria make this effective vape mod stick out from others. The ELLO S atomizer functions retractable top for clean e-liquid filling and is derived with HW coils for awesome vaping enjoy with enhanced flavor. Having zero.Ninety one-inch display screen, upgradeable firmware, 2A short charge and opposite charge talents, this full-featured iStick Tria with ELLO S is a ought to have vaping setup for cloud chasers.

Comes with 3 exquisite colors: Greenery/Sliver/black

Pic Enjoy:

Best Feature:

  • Powerful output of 300W
  • 0.91-Inch screen with triple battery bars
  • Stay stylish and modern
  • ELLO S tank can be detached and reassembled
  • Convenient retractable top fill
  • Battery balancing trickle charge system
  • 2A Maximum charging current for quick charge

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Vapors here,
Highly recommend you this Small and exquisite item: Smok Priv One Kit
Smok Priv One is an integrated kit, which adopts a built-in tank that shortens the overall height of the kit to offer you convenient operations and portability. Long run-time is provided by a 920mAh battery, a massive cloud of vapor is ensured by creative top airflow system, comfortable hand-feel comes from the stainless material and ergonomically designed big fire key. Besides, its swivel top cap and sealed leak-proof atomizer base will bring you convenience when refills. Small and exquisite, Priv One will surprise you! Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

Best special:

  • Airflow System
  • Micro-USB Port For Charging
  • Unique E-liquid Window
  • Big Size Fire Key

Good looks with Small size, the most eye-catching is the amber design of shell mosaic, innovation make changes, it must be hot and earn a good market, if you guys interested in, do not hesitated to check it out on ave40, any feedback or question welcome to click 1 on 1 service on our page.


Hotcig R233 Box Mod 233W
Hotcig R233 Box Mod is another gargeous mod. Works with a dual 18650 batteries configuration for the longest vaping enjoy charging. Its energy can as much as 233W within zero.008 seconds time with the intention to satisfy any cloud chasers. What’s more the water proof chipset makes R233 a safe and dependable mod.
Four pattern:

[]Black P1
]Black P2
[]Silver P1
]Silver P2

Actually, this Hotcig R233 Box Mod 233W have 2 Flash point, frist,233W maximum output with dual 18650 batteries, second, longest vaping experience charging.
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Why this IJOY CAPO is so hot now?
Like all IJOY’s newer merchandise, the iJoy capo 100 is constructed round their vaunted IWEPAL chipset, which gives a deep choice of alternatives for all areas of your mod’s capability. It’s a breeze to screen and regulate TC, TCR, wattage, resistance, amps, puff counters and greater as all ijoy chasers like captain ,rdta container.

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Ijoy genie pd270 234w kit --A good device you worth to take, even more, 20% off now!
There are five color alternatives for the lighting (pink, blue, green, white and colourful) and 2 customize RGB colour settings which may be programmed for extraordinary styles with digital color separation techniques.

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