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Gentle men! 3 different color style.
Latest device with power feature ----Sigelei GW 257W Kit
matched with 21700,20700,18650 battery. Its stainless steel battery tube is quality built. It runs with the maximum power output of 257W. It measures 93mm by57mm by 36mm. The battery tubes can match with the tank in color.

Special feature:

  • Match with 21700,20700,18650 battery

  • The stainless steel battery tube is quality built

  • Simple operation with big wattage

  • The battery tubes can match with the tank in color

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Hello everyone,

Vcigo Moon Box 200W Kit is powered by dual 18650 batteries with huge staying power. It runs with the maximum power output of 200W. This device is available in your choice of 4 colors ——Black A(white face), Black B(black face), Blue, Orange - match your own personal preference.

Here Also comes the Moonshot Tank. This RDTA features optional 2ml and 3ml e-juice capacity. The top fill system is for maximum simplicity, which offers a no-leaking solution. It features domical chamber for intense flavor and high precision adjustable bottom airflow.

This new coming by Vcigo must earn a good marketing for it’s high preference. younger may love it by it’s fashionable pattern design. The best feature is also attractive!

  • 200W beautiful and powerful kit by dual 18650 batteries
  • High-quality tinplate and plastic material body
  • Convenient round knob switch for 3-level output power adjustment
  • Optional 2ml and 3ml e-juice capacity
  • Domical chamber and higher precision adjustable bottom airflow

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Meet by way of Chance

Once upon a time, I became attracted by means of this specific product with premium design among extensive utilization from my colleagues and therefore can’t wait to have a try. After taking part in its gentle and silky-easy flavoring, I affirm that, with a aggregate of taste, playability, ease of use and appearance, LAAN is playing as an increasingly more attractive rookie in this discipline.

The design of LAAN is appealing for the primary time I saw it, for its pocket volume however temperature and voltage regulating, aluminum alloy matte fabric and premium leather cover, minimalist design, extremely clean to use, and extensive availability with various e-liquid. It’s not just a product for players, it’s a real e-cigarette that can be marketed to absolutely everyone.

In-depth Knowledge

I even have waited for nearly a month and in the end obtained LAAN, which was keen to take pix and percentage this unique e-cigarette product with you. I selected the brown one, aside from white and black, given the possibility that the leather material will be dyed for a long time.Without further ado, right here is the video from AVE40.

Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W adopts the all-in-one fashion and includes numerous fundamental parts, inclusive of a cap, a built-in sub-ohm tank, and a pod body made of metallic. Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W has some newly- up to date functions and designs in evaluation to other comparable products inside the pod pen market.

The all-in-one frame is fabricated from aluminum alloy reducing and matte cloth, with leather skin. Two types of substances were hit with the superb texture enjoy at the same time as the favorable fee observed with high first-rate.In addition to these, what surprises us is this kit is absolutely button-unfastened. There is no button on the entire machine, with handiest one LED indicator indicating to reveal the working fame and battery alert. In order to enhance the discern and make it portable, it was reduce off a small aircraft on the opposite side of the indicator mild. It’s well worth noting that this portable and lightweight kit features a p.C. Pin connection, pinnacle airflow, pinnacle filling gadget.

As every other layout highlight, as a turn-open USB port, the charging get right of entry to is cleverly hid in the bottom.Press from the origin and the mouth will become warped up at the alternative cease of the price. There isn’t any denying that it’s palace collection degree of disruptive innovation. Not simplest can it keep away from dirt and prevent water consumption, however additionally contributes to usual aesthetics. At the identical time right here is also equipped with a hidden fee indicator, with vivid orange mild whilst charging.

There is a LAAN logo on the the front of the quilt, that is the only seen emblem of the entire system. I suppose you will forever don’t forget this logo due to its sea wave-shaped character.

After mastering all of its appearances, I think you need to have a clearer information at the parameter.

Thanks for your viewing, More details please visit AVE40 Blog>>
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Dear All,

Show time!
Freshly baked :Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W
Will it take the palce of Vaporesso Revenger X, check it out with me!

Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W Kit is powered by built-in battery 2500mAh. It runs with the maximum power output of 100W and displayed by a high-quality 0.96-inch OLED screen. This device is available in your choice of 4 colors ——Black, Blue, Red, Aluminum - match your own personal preference. The NRG SE Tank features 3.5ml capacity, and the NRG SE Mini Tank has 2ml capacity.


  • 100W maximum output with built-in battery 2500mAh
  • Unique lighting pattern
  • Revolutionary IML design
  • Slide and fill design
  • Smooth adjustable bottom airflow
  • A variety of interchangeable GT cores

As you see, it has a flexible mini body, which have 4 exquisite color. 2 unique pattern design! how about your Evaluation of this Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W, welcome to drop us a email on info@ave40 if you have any question or suggestion. appreciate you inquiry [B]1 on 1 service[/B] on our page for a big coupons!


Do you want to know my feeling about using ijoy capo 100 kit? The ijoy capo 100w kit is one of the best-vaping brands that I’ve come across. For instance, it’s a device that’s paired with the incredible and original 21700 battery line, which means that when using it, what I get is a robust vaping flavor. Bear in mind that ijoy has a reputation for being original in their design of box mods. In this guide, I’ll outline 10 features that make me proud of using the ijoy capo 100 kit, and give you 5 factors to consider when searching for the best vaping equipment.

Features of the Ijoy Capo 100w Kit That Make It Appealing To Me

Uses A Single 21700 (High-Amp) Battery and Is Compatible With the Single 18650 (High-Amp) Battery

One reason that I find the ijoy capo 100 kit to be a fantastic vaping tool is that it uses a single 21700 High-Amp Battery, which drives this device up to 100W. The result is a compelling vaping experience that leaves me craving for more. I prefer using my tool while on the go or when in social entertainment joints, which means that at times, it’s my friends who envy my device. When I compare this kit to the other brands that I’ve purchased previously, what I get is the best value for my money.

Lightweight and Portable

Another reason that makes the ijoy capo an excellent buy for me is that it’s lightweight and portable. I find it easier to hold, bearing in mind that it measures 78.2mm/52.3mm/30mm in its dimensions. I can easily carry it while out camping or when hosting parties, meaning that whenever, I am, I get to enjoy my vape flavors.

Adjustment (Buttons) Below the Screen

Another factor that I find to be a standout feature on this kit is its adjustment buttons, which are located below the screen. They enable me to have control over this vape mod. When I compare their location with that of other brands, what I get is a device that ijoy made with user’s needs in mind. It is one area that enhances the vapor’s experience, for example, beginner, intermediate or expert vaper.


You can customize this mod depending on your tastes. That’s because one of its features is the custom user mode, which I find to be among the standout features. The manufacturer put the needs of the vaper in mind when they came up with this invention.

Offers Me a Maximum Wattage Output of 100W

This vaping kit provides me with outstanding performances; the reason being that it offers me a maximum wattage of up to 100W. It means that I get to enjoy powerful and incredible vaping flavors. It’s one reason that I recommend this device to other vapers.

Provides Me with a Wide Temperature Range

The wide temperature range ensures that I enjoy varying vaping flavors and tastes. Remember that when vaping, we all have different vaping preferences, which means that you want a device with the best temperature range. The main thing that makes me love this temperature range is that it enables vapers of all levels to enjoy safe vaping experiences since they can adjust the setting to suit their needs.

OLED Display

The OLED display, which is intuitive, ensures that I get to monitor the vaping experience. For instance, it provides me with the chance to check the battery level, temperature, and wattage range and how much of the e-liquid is remaining. The result is that I refill my device on time or change the temperature depending on my preferences.

Rectangular Firing Mechanism (Oversized)

The ijoy capo comes with a rectangular firing mechanism, which ensures that I experience no dry hits. Remember that as a buyer, one consideration that I prefer to know before buying vaping kits is their firing mechanism, since they determine whether or not I will get to enjoy my vaping moments.

Comes With Safety Protection Features

This device comes with several safety protection features, which is one area I usually look at before buying any vaping kit. For instance, the ijoy capo 100w kit provides me with over current, overvoltage, short circuit and overcharge protection, which has enabled my device to serve me for long. Keeping in mind that at times I forget my mod on the charge, the overcharge protection is one feature that I find especially appealing.

510 Connection

Another reason that I find the ijoy capo 100 kit to be good value for money is that it comes with a 510 connection, which is stainless steel and spring loaded, which means that it’s compatible with other modes.

How to Search For the Best Vaping Kit

When out looking for the best vaping kit to buy, make sure that you read any kit’s online reviews. It’s one way that enables me to find out about great models, for instance, the ijoy capo.

Another thing to consider is its filling mechanism. The reason is that you need a vaping kit with a design that minimizes spillages. It ensures that you waste less e-liquid and enjoy clean vaping moments.

Compare prices before you buy any kit. That’s because some come at budget-friendly costs, for example, the ijoy capo 100 kit, but have the best features. However, you’ll find others that cost much higher but with less user-friendly features.

The battery matters when it comes to buying vape mods. That’s because it will determine how long you use your device while in the outdoors in social entertainment joints.

Remember to check the design of the vaping mod. That’s because you want one which is appealing to the eye. In my case, I prefer devices that fit in my hands well when holding. It ensures that I stand out from the rest while vaping.


When using the ijoy capo 100w kit, I found it to be compact and powerful when I pair it with the 21700 battery line. It means that it’s a device that I’ll recommend to the beginner, intermediate and expert vapers since it ensures that you get the best value for your money. Bear in mind that you want a kit that performs as advertised, which the ijoy capo 100 kit excellently does.
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Hi folks,
Smok Newest edtion shocking come, welcome and follow to check it out!
Today’s two smok items:

Smok Veneno 225W
Smok S-Priv Kit 230W

The first thing to say is, features are similar, some differences in appearance, both of them available EU edition and Standard Edition for you to purchase.

Smok S-Priv Kit 230W inquiry>>

Cool design, also best special:

  • 230W maximum output
  • Mod in costume
  • Sparkling evil eyes
  • Powerful skull - 230w output
  • Skull’s hidden weapon
  • The ergonomically designed buttons

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Gorgeous! special features also:

  • 225W maximum output
  • Mod in costume
  • Sparkling evil eyes
  • Powerful skull - 225w output
  • Skull’s hidden weapon
  • The ergonomically designed buttons

Thanks for your viewing, if you interested in this two editions of smok, enter to check more options
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Hi everyone,

do not slip passing by, welcome to ave40 Black Friday Fire-sale service, taking is saving!!!

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Dear all,
;Here is showing the latest vaping tools you may interested in, check and enjoy~~
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Hugo Vapor Squeezer Bf Kit

Vision Skynow X Kit 450mAh

Wotofo Nudge Squonk Box Mod

CoilART DPRO 133 Premium Kit with DPRO RDA

CoilART Azeroth Squonk Kit

iJoy X3 324W Kit with Captain X3 Subohm Tank 8ml

Coil Master DIY Kit V3 New Edition

Smok Veneno 225W Kit with TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition Tank

Sigelei E1 Kit

Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Kit

Compak OB ONE Kit 1100mAh

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Hello vapors!

Have you join ave40 black Friday shopping party? should not miss such lowest price and good device!
Today i bring a new edtion of IJOY, follow and check~

IJoy Captain X3 324W Box Mod

IJoy Captain X3 Box Mod is powered by triple 20700 batteries with huge staying power. It runs with the maximum power output of 324W and displayed by a high-quality Colorful OLED screen. The kit implements a powerful chipset, supporting various functional modes – NI, TI, SS Mode. Very compact and ergonomic to fit comfortably in the hand and carry around. Better quality graphics and perfect fingerprint-proof.

iJOY Captain X3 Subohm Tank

Here comes the iJoy Captain X3 Subohm Tank. This 8ml tank features an 810 Delrin wide-bore drip tip. Inheriting the sliding top filling system of IJoy Captain S tank and interchangeable filling gasket, it maintains hassle-free refilling. The tank can hold a maximum of 6ml liquid but includes an 8ml bubble glass tank section. Included with the IJoy Captain X3 Tank are X3-C1 Coil Head(dual coils) and X3-C3 Coil Head(sextuple coils) which brings the coil designs of IJoy Captain series to another level as well as ample vapor production. Airflow enters the tank via four side air slots which are for leak proof.

Rainbow colorful, different color available for you to choose.
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A lovely vaping tool shocking come:
Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Kit

Unlike other Joyetech products like Joyetech EKEE with ProCore Motor Kit, Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Kit is another pod vaping kit for Joyetech Atopack Penguin SE Starter Kit. These two small devices are so cute and are suitable for your hands perfectly. Powered by internal 2100mAh batteries, the Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Kit brings you intense and smooth flavor in combination with a new JVIC coil system. Adopting Flexible e-liquid filling system, you can fill the e-juicewith 2ml or 6ml e-liquid capacity easily and a large e-juice reservoir will allow you to take puffs throughout the day. The Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Kit is furnished with many protection systems( such as Short circuit protections, Atomizer protections, Low voltage protections, Resistance detection, Battery indicator) so as to keep you and your device safe. This device comes in five colors, and you can find one of them you like.


  • Invoke the spirit of the dolphin
  • High build quality and ergonomics
  • Compact pod mod with stylish design
  • Innovative JVIC coil system
  • Flexible e-liquid filling way

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Revenger Mini 85W Hot per-order now! Hurry to inquiry and get the first shipping!

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Dear Folks!

When you enjoy the black Friday discount, surprise may out of your expect that ave40 offer 10 pcs of Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W Kit for giveaway.
happy vaping, my friends.

Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W Kit Giveaway>>

Pay attention:

  • time limited: 9th-16th Nov

  • 10 winners will chosen randomly

  • More enters, more chances win

  • 9 ways to enter

My friends, Latest Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W Kit for free, take your participation please, good lucky!

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Smoant RABOX Mini Mod evaluate
RABOX is packaged in a rectangular paper container with coloration mixing of purple and black which is pleasing. The maximum exciting element is the pattern at the container due to the fact you haven’t any concept why this man or woman feels excited when looking something the usage of a telescope.
The box lid is just too tight and also you need to keep the lid and keep tossing it several times to open it. Once there has been a couple of notches formed like a semicircle and somehow the 2 notches have disappeared on account that 2016. Act like tossing the field lid to open it seems to turn out to be pretty not unusual. I desire the layout of a couple of notches in 2017 will come again for the motive of comfort.
This time it accompanies paper substances within the RABOX , along with a product qualification certificates, a warning card of using the product, and two coaching cards of English and Chinese which shows the version issued is the identical from packaging and product at home and overseas.
The training card is consistent with the idea of environmental protection. The top right nook of the card is the signature of the designer.
The box is very simple——a RABOX mod, a USB cable attached in a long carton, as to whether or not the mod may be upgraded through using USB cable, it isn’t always clear at gift. The warning card defines the mod’s waterproof on the returned. Noted that in accordance with the contents of the caution card, the condensation or oil leaking in the mod might no longer reason harm to the PCB board, however try and prevent liquid and steel substances from falling into the inner part of the mod.

RABOX mod is designed with the open fashion, that is to mention, all bits and portions of the PCB circuit board are all uncovered inside the air! According to reliable data, its major frame is product of chrome steel tube with manual welding of gas tungsten arc welding(GTAW) that makes it more stable; excessive-temperature-resistance(up to 380℃)teeth is implemented to the floor, which makes the surface more easy and stable.
On both sides of the mod makes use of the acrylic plates with advanced customization this is extra transparent and flexible than traditional materials. The plates are constant tight to the mod the usage of hex screws.
The RABOX is designed completely open, and the internal electronic components may be seen thru area from outdoor. Looking around the mod, there’s no show screen and regulating buttons, even the element below the ignition key’s empty. This is regular with the information formerly disclosed by using Smoant——RABOX is a mod designed in mechanical mode.

Why mechanical mode? Although there may be a lager-sized PCB plate in RABOX, best output modes are set there——”Soft” complete power mode and “High” constant voltage mode. The two output voltages are shifted by using regulating a -equipment switch. Soft complete electricity mode is set when the transfer is positioned down. The operating principle is similar to mechanical system that the voltage output of the mod is decided by means of the battery. When the transfer is up, it’s shifted into High regular voltage mode, presently the voltage output of the mod is 5V. The most power restriction is 100W. The two gears can be matched with exceptional atomizers. For example, tiny flavor cigarette and finished atomizers may be utilized in Soft mode and dropping tar RDTA or big smoke atomizers of fancy coils can be utilized in High regular voltage mode, selling the speed and potential of heating. Smoant RABOX Mini Mod assessment

Smoant RABOX Mini Mod assessment

The mod 510 port is made from stainless steel. In the center is a familial gilded hexagonal spring electrode. What is worth mentioning is that the ignition key is crafted from metallic ball which touches satisfactory and sounds crisp, and more importantly it suits well as an entire.
Both facets of the mod are hooked up a panel made of the purple transparent acrylic cloth which is constant to the mod with the aid of hexagon. Through the panel, PCB and every single digital thing can be visible.
I was usually curious about the part which says SMOANT RABOX within the center and wonder which part it might be of this large mod. I sooner or later knew it changed into a cap , under which it’s miles a lithium polymer battery of 3300mAh.
There is a fuse and some LED mild emission diodes at the left side of the battery, as a way to emit one of a kind lighting fixtures at some stage in in use.

When the strength button is pressed and the mod starts running, energy indicator mild below the fuse at the PCB could be on for long in addition to the green LED mild can be on if the transfer is on. And a pink LED at its backside will flicker at high frequency;
LED light will exchange its color in line with the electric quantity. Green while full energy, 30-eighty% blue, and five-30% purple is a reminder of charging.
Press electricity button 5 times constantly to begin up, the electric quantity light and inexperienced light can be on for approximately seconds, indicating that it activates, whilst shutdown, three LED lighting all flip off, indicating that it’s miles shut down.
In addition to the LED mild, RABOX is equipped with a buzzer for you to set free a sound “beeps”according with LED lighting. Especially in the shift of the two modes. From the other facet, you can see the lowest of the PCB board, and the position of the USB port on the board doesn’t cross the ordinary way and is positioned inside the higher left nook with the tilt of approximately forty five°.
The acrylic panel on the returned and the PCB also are fixed by way of hexagonal screws. It is hard to disassemble with out right tools. I even have tried RABOX to peer how is it approximately its output. It uses not unusual coils of ShenRay RDTA. The coils is wound 1/four circle extra, so the resistance is higher, around 0.2Ω.Through looking at the smoke, the two modes of Soft and High are quite exceptional, but beneath the 2 modes the output is robust. It takes longer to heat the coils for the first time.

Actual revel in:
RABOX functions in its specific appearance layout. The hollowed-out panel makes PCB visible. Multiple colorful LED lighting render the mod polychrome. Simple frame matched with fuse, toggle transfer, capacitance and LED lighting has produced an effect of mechanical retro fashion. People say the modeling of the RABOX looks like water bloodless computer field. The effect of stroboflash of the purple LED lighting fixtures has brought brilliance to the mod’s present splendor. I even have said in the remaining article Dragon Ball Atomizer that precise-fashioned atomizers ought to go along with mods with uncommon looks. RABOX has proved that during tar garage, tar dripping, RDTA and large smoke RTA. Atomizers with muscle-formed of European fashion or bizarre modeling could coordinate well with RABOX.

It’s a formidable try and design RABOX like that, and I actually have observed some issues when using it.

  1. The transparent acrylic panel is tainted fingerprints without difficulty and in opposite the fingerprints affect its transparency;
  2. Though the PCB has nano-coating, it’s far nevertheless difficult to easy and most effective wait to vanish whilst tar and condensate drip on it with the aid of accident;
  3. It’s inconvenient to open because it’s fixed by using hexagonal screws particularly the panel inside the bottom of PCB and the PCB panel. It turns into more difficult in terms of cleansing the acrylic panel because of its get entry to to smoke and stains. It turns into greater convenient if the panels are fixed by way of magnetism.

Finally, even though weakness it has, RAROX of its precise look nevertheless enjoys recognition among Vapors.

Please checkblog.ave40.com [/B]to see more interesting and professional review. Any feedback please contact with info@ave40.com.
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Hey, thanks for your guys participation! here is the unboxing video of [URL=https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-revenger-mini-85w-kit-with-nrg-se-tank-2ml-3-5ml.html]Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W Kit[/URL] , enjoy~~

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'Black Friday is finally here ! – It is the most important shopping day of the 12 months that allows you to receive good-looking discounts on everything you buy! Marking the unofficial starting of the Christmas buying season, the day is giant with a rich records that dates back to1960s when shops started out using the time period “Black Friday” to put it up for sale deep discounts all around the international.
At AVE40 we aren’t left in the back of, we’ve a passionate and devoted crew to help you get your favored, original vapor products at incredible reductions.

Is searching for Black Friday offers with out leaving your couch feasible?
Understanding the cutting-edge purchasing life-style, AVE40 has the nice on line deal that permits you to keep at the comfort of your property. All you have to do is to create an account with us in order to browse via the loads of latest and authentic e-beverages, electronic cigarettes, and accessories which might be brought every day. Besides, in case you are new to vaping or are not sure what to buy, you could poke around in a selected class or buy a starter kit and research step by step.

What’s extra, you don’t have worry about transport, we’ve got it all included. For on line transfers, we deliver/deliver product upon purchase, which takes three days to two weeks relying at the place. Thus, for quality Black Friday gives, go to extra than 1,000 Ave40 Vape shops and revel in as much as eighty % discount at the nearby Vape market.

Black Friday Target
The Black Friday giveaways start on ninth to sixteenth Nov. Get greater entries to boom your possibilities of prevailing the kits and different special gives!
• First, Black Friday is a unique occasion, and AVE40 pursuits to praise all wholesalers with up to eighty% discount on all goods they buy in our stores.

• For the first time, whilst a brand new customer spends over $one thousand, he/she will receive a unique discount on destiny buying.

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• We have black Friday discounts on one of a kind products. These include the 25 % discount on IJOY CAPO KIT 100W With Captain Mini Subohm Tank, 13% bargain on IJOY Captain PD270 234W BOX MOD, 2% discount on the e-leaf code: BFLEAF, five% bargain on Voopoo Drag 157W Box Mod, four% discount on IJOY code: BFIJOY among different products. Visit our web site for greater information.

Save on Black Friday in AVE40 Stores
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Smok S-Priv 230W Mod
Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Kit
Limitless Arms Race LMC V2 200W Box Mod
Smoant RABOX Mini Mod 120W 3300mAh

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Hello everyone,

Good day
Today we may have a new version of SMPO item, SMPO is a genuinely satisfying smoking alternative, unlike any other e-cigarette or vaporizer. It’s a genuinely satisfying alternative to cigarettes.
SMPO was designed with smokers in mind. With its unique satisfaction profile, simple interface, flavor variety and lack of lingering smell, SMPO stands out as a genuinely satisfying vapor alternative for smokers.

SMPO Kit contains everything you need to enjoy the unprecedented vaping experience.

Pic Show:

Available Flavor:
[]Nicotine 18mg/ml
]Nicotine 50mg/ml

  • Quick charging system
  • Auto temperature control
  • Low liquid detection
  • Patented porous ceramic heating element
  • Sophisticated temperature control enables a powerful vapor experience
  • Nicotine salt formula creates uniquely satisfying flavor profiles
  • Intuitive design doesn’t require buttons or switches
  • Patented heating system ensure thick, consistent vapor
  • Comfortable to inhale and carry

SMPO Pod contains 1.8ml with 18% nicotine by weight, approximately equivalent to 2 pack of cigarettes or 400 puffs. Each pack contains 2 pods.

Pic Show:


  • Nicotine salt formula creates uniquely satisfying flavor profiles
  • Patented heating system ensure thick, consistent vapor

Hurry check of this nice SMPO, any question or suggestion welcome to inquiry with info@ave40.com. or you may only click 1 on1 service on our page. wish you a happy vaping day!


Hey guys,
Today’s new coming:Eleaf iStick Kiya 50W Kit with GS Juni Tank, The Eleaf iStick Kiya 50W Mod Kit runs with the maximum power output of 50W, and the GS Juni Tank features top refill, adjustable bottom airflow and extendable tank capacity from 2ml to 4ml. Very compact and ergonomic to fit comfortably in the hand and carry around. 3 colors for your selection.

Best special:

  • 50W maximum output
  • Extendable tank capacity from 2ml to 4ml
  • Top refill system
  • Adjustable bottom airflow

You may only choose:

Eleaf GS Juni Tank
Eleaf iStick Kiya 50W Mod

How to say, this fashionable Eleaf iStick Kiya Kit is a compact one, tough the out put is 50w, but the experience is wonderful i think, you may have a try, if you interested in, first inquiry on ave40 to get the biggest coupons!
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Sigelei Snowwolf Vfeng-S 230W Kit is a compact device with [B]Sigelei T3 Tank and Sigelei Snowwolf Vfeng-S 230W Mod, such a perfect union, making it the very cutting-edge one of the Sigelei series products.

T3 tank, measuring 24mm by 55mm, adopts top refilling to guarantee the leak-proof and convenience with 2.8ml liquid capacity. Such configuration quite makes sure of a whole day vaping. Sigelei vfeng-s 230 kit definitely brings you the best vaping experience. It is capable of heavy use thanks to its material of 303 SS, silicon and glass. It is lovely in four colors to choose —dark, blue, red and orange.

Sigelei Snowwolf Vfeng-S 230W Mod, as the remarkable part of the Sigelei Snowwolf Vfeng-S 230W Kit, it measures 46mm by 34mm 87mm. Max 230W high power output box mod which needs to install dual high drain 18650 batteries and support atomizer resistance:0.05-3.0ohm, which conducts huge staying power for a whole day vaping. It was made of zinc alloy and plastic, making it not only a fresh look but also durable and lasting. To be the next revitalization of the beloved Vfeng series, it was displayed by a highly advanced 1.30〞TFT color screen which can support color screen changing. Few products are on the market that provides this processing. The side-mounted fire button caters to the ergonomic design, making it more portable. This device is available in three colors—Red, Dark Blue and Orange—totally match your personal preference.

  • Parameters

Sigelei Snowwolf Vfeng-S Mod
Size:46mm x 34mm x 87mm
Battery:High Drain Dual 18650 Batteries
Wattage Range:10W – 230W
Screen:1.30” TFT Color Screen
Resistance:0.05ohm – 3.0ohm
Material:Zinc Alloy+Plastic
Color:Dark Blue, Red, Orange

*Tab 1

Sigelei T3 Tank
Size:24mm x 55mm
Materials:303 SS+Silicon+ Glass
Coil Size:14.6mm x 18mm
Coil Resistance:0.2ohm
Color:Dark Blue, Red, Orange

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