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Base with nicotine banned in Norway


The Scandinavian countries do have interesting histories with each other lol
It is strange that you can get from some, but not others. Maybe Norway not being in the eu has something to do with it? Still, it’s a dumb decision. Would love to watch the krones fly if they banned ciggies because of the nicotine in them! Lol


They will never ban tobacco, it is a huge income of taxes for them, a median of 90 NOK per pack is around 10USD or 9EU so, in other words 60% is clean taxes money for the government. There is also Snus that is what has help me for the last past month to reduce my consumption from 20 cigarettes per day down to 5.


Hi, kinda in the same boat here, but just last weekend i went to Sweden and got my self 10 precent nic. Wouldnt trust the postage,simply becouse i had parcels checked by customs few times and had to pay more than was intended to pay, and that was just ejuice…


You’re welcome to order to my address and I can hand it to you, when you’re in Denmark :slight_smile: I like the 100mg nic from pink-mule :slight_smile:


Same way here in the states. Idky they couldn’t just tax the nic and/or store bought juice with it in it instead of trying to ban shit. Gonna venture out with my foil hat and say that I feel big tobacco and big pharma has something to do with it too.


Easy to tell who’s behind it just follow the stink of the money.

Question 1 Who has enough money to influence it to start with ?

Question 2 Who stands to gain big under the new laws-regs ?

Answer to both all to often end at the same destination.


Sadly true


I didn’t have access to internet to check the forum while in my trip to Denmark… I found 2 shops where they told me that they couldn’t sell any, they actually are not allowed to sell more than 10ml already mix juices. Anyhow thanks to this awesome forum I have found a way to get it. Thanks a bunch :wink:


i noticed you guys typing some hieroglyphics. this is probably a stupid question, but i always wondered, do you guys have like 2 different keyboards or something and is it the same layout as a “regular” keyboard?


We have one with Æ Ø Å or æ ø å, not more complicated than that lmao

All the rest are the same


the Tpd etc… as far i learnt for now is more like an instruction than a law… so every country “translates” it as they want… for example in another countries even mods need to be Tpd Compliant while other not… in Greece eliquids have special tax (0,10e/ml) as tobacco products while this applies nowhere in rest Europe… so you can understand that this is kinda messy in some cases…


Say what??? I’m not gonna respond to that, instead i will let ELR’s Mr TPD @DrChud take care of that for me.

And by the way “Mohok”, how are you liking your new name?


There I was, complaining about the TPD2 nonsense of the EU, totally missing you guys in Norway have it worse :frowning:

Just don’t wonder that you won’t be able to buy your Nic-Base in 1L bottles in the EU anymore. Max container size for Liquids/Bases with nic is 10 ml, max Nic concentration is 20 mg/ml (since May 20th 2017)

Sellers now sell you packs of 100 10 ml bottles in Bulk. Such a stupid law. I recommend you grab yourself a box of these then, in the max. allowed 20 mg/ml, that way you can mix it down to your taste.

Glad I bought a few Litres of 72 mg/ml Base, I’ll be fine Nic-wise for the next 20 years or so, lol


PS: that they aren’t allowed to sell base anymore isn’t true though. Just the container size applies to base aswell…


Haha was about to post something similar :laughing:


Can I, can I?

It is an actual law but there is a certain leeway as to the severity of said law. There are certain parts of it that are up to individual countries to implement or not. The nicotine restriction, 10ml bottles and 2ml tanks are not among those. Of course they are free to be a lot stricter than the TPD requires them to be.
I think countries are free to do what they want regarding internet sales and such. Poland for instance stopped all internet sales of e-liquid and vaping equipment. Other countries did not.



My order is in the post office so, tomorrow I will collect it and start building and hopefully start vaping too. I have got 3 tanks, 2 of them were an offer from a person I know and I couldn’t resist more option even when both after reading reviews seems to be more or less the same, the Kayfun v4 and Kayfun v5 clones, both new an unopened but, somehow I feel very attracted to the mount to long alternative in the beginning while I do the transition from cigarettes. The other tank is a Geek Vape AMMIT 25 Single Coil RTA which comes together in an also offer with Smok GX350 mod.

I have been reading a lot of reviews and how to coil build these tanks but, I am failing to decide which coils to use for each tanks. I know this post was about the juices but, I didn’t want to open a new post and I thought you guys could point me in the right direction.

What coil would you use for the Kayfun when everyone recommends 1.6 ohms and between 15 to 18w??


What coil for the Geek Vape AMMIT 25?

Millions thanks in advance!


Hi, as far as Kayfun v4 goes, even clone-its a great tank,ive got it almost a year ago and still enjoying it in day to day use.The best build for this is simple coil ~3mm ID 26-27 GA, 0.8-1.2 ohms and not too much cotton in it.But thats all personal i quess. For v5 -i had original onegreat one as well,but ive heard some dissapointment in clone, so not sure…


Thanks… I did build it today and I have been vaping on it. It is actually really close to the feeling of a cigarette when it comes to the airflow inhalation, I regulated it that way. I guess I did it right since I haven’t got leaking, any dry hits and the most important… I haven’t got electrocuted :smile:. I was thinking to experiment with it for a few more days before I write a newbie first time PoV .