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Battery explosion while using Passthrough Charging


So I can safely assume the first charge after dropping the mod?


No conclusive evidence to it but I think it’s safe to assume as many of you have pointed out, it could just be a combination of everything that led to this incident.

Thanks for your input everyone.


Unsure if is safe to assume anything in this situation.

Because the mod exploded before any inspection was done on the batteries or the internal of the mod prior to charging.

What are Mooch’s thoughts on pass through charging opposed to using an external battery charger?


Good question. But I think specific mod board should also be considered. For example - there are mods which do not have removable batteries, so on board charging is the only option. Many of those are powered by 18650s, difference being they’re built in, soldered together, and remove the fallible human component. Likewise there are mods with built in LiPo packs. I have 2 of Lost Vape’s Efusions like this. So onboard charging is the only option here too. And when it comes to LiPo packs, what I’ve learned is equal charging/discharging of individual cells is even more important than 18650 cells. Point is, I don’t think it’s necessary to condemn all mods with USB charging ports, even though I would recommend anyone with removable batteries do use an external charger as a safety precaution. That said, I would somewhat trust most mods to charge a single battery. It’s when you start asking a mod board to keep multiple cells in balance and to never overcharge a cell - that’s where I suspect the greatest risk lies. The only board I trust with this task is the DNA board.


I haven’t seen this mentioned yet, so I will just throw it out there because I use this exact setup with the same batteries (although I always use an external charger). Another thing to consider is what ohm his coil was that he was using with these particular batteries. I say this because I have to be very careful what I build and use with these batteries because they are only safe to use up to 15A.

Edit: Actually, after thinking about it, this probably has nothing to do with it exploding while charging, but would more likely be the culprit if it exploded while he was using it. So, please disregard!!!


Even then I would be wary about USB charging.

To those that still use a USB and think it will be okay, you are just another statistic waiting to happen.


I’ll 2nd that …


And what do you say to those with mods that have enclosed batteries and USB charging is the only option?


O would day get a charge bag and dont let the charge bag rest on a wood surface


Meant stuff like 18650, or the like. Removable batteries.

Edit: I still stand behind my original statement. Cheaper parts for a lower cost. Could equal disaster too.


I second this, again …


Oh I’m with you fellas! I ask the question because I’m wondering if there are any specific brands of mods with USB charging only that should be avoided. Not for myself, of course. I only own 2 of those types and they’re both DNA with LiPo’s, and I feel 100% safe charging those via USB. In fact I feel 100% safe with all my DNA’s using USB to charge, although I still use an external charge for the ones with removable batteries. Still, the difference deserves to be qualified I think.


I think the point with external cells and charging is, some chipsets do not handle USB charging all that well, and cells can get out of balance. It’s not likely the internal charger will make the healthy cells explode; it’s just more healthy for the cells to be on a solid performing external, so you ought to do that as a best-practice method. Unbalanced pairs that get used closer to their theoretical capacities are a pretty decent safety risk, so avoid it as much as possible, eh? I mean, you could remove asbestos without a mask, but why would you? You get it.

As for the OT, that’s been covered and rarely do cells vent for no reason. Drops, nicked wraps, unprotected in a pocket, etc. You vaping people, educate yourselves!! (Not you folks, of course. I mean these Darwin finalists that give vaping a bad name).

“I didn’t know it was bad to drop them” is no excuse or absolution of responsibility. I didn’t know you couldn’t put Pyrex on a direct heat source, but that doesn’t mean it was the stove or the bakeware’s fault for exploding.