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BBQ is better with a vape


@Gambit117 I am now officially jealous !!!

My wife got tired of me racing back and forth mixing drinks, slaved to the temp gauge so she bought me a wireless RF dual temp. Sadly it allows for MO drinks !! :slight_smile:


I’m picturing the Narnia of Liquor. . :yum::tropical_drink:


I’ve done charcoal for a few years w/a r2d2 like setup. :joy: I changed to this 1 a couple years ago and I do love it, but it still requires a decent amount of maintenance while cooking.


It’s a high tech portable unit…


With super home grown mints


Lmfao I like your glass!!


@VapeyMama hehe thank you. FYI I AM vaping your delicious http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/907571/McCookie in the SC, riding the @Whiterose0818 . Hoping if I do enough product placements I can get a discount on my next one lol…


I’m honored to have my recipe riding that personal electronic nicotine inhalation system!! :grin:


It’s riding it good !!! Kidding aside, I have picky vape tastes, so you got me ALLLL figured out apparently. Deliciously light cookie, perfect with mojitos, and BBQ …


I mean come,on, … who does product placement with an aligator bird deterrant with a @Whiterose0818 mod, … really…


Sure do love this McCookie…


Lol that’s what my McCookie bottles usually look like–almost gone!


Roger that, almost gone is right !!!


3 hour mark, off the smoke, foil for 2 hours with butter, brown sugar, honey, sweet chili, and apple juice ala Mr. Johnny Trigg…


Looks like they’re coming along nicely :+1:


Thank you @Gambit117, waiting IS the hardest part … !!!


That’s for sure. It’s a lot like mixing, good things come to those that wait :wink:


My fave bbq is feta cheese packs with garlic, tomatoes, onions, herbs and olive oil. Yummy!


Hehe yes my slow smoking brothers, indeed. I just need to convince the wife of that. :slight_smile:


Now that I think of it (yes, I’m still waiting on da RIBZ !!!), I wonder if @Bob_Bitchen has a BBQ vape recipe !!!