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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Welcome Blokhead, I’m just a few days old here… Vaping over a year on commercial e juices. Now want to make my own. Spent the last couple days reading and ordering what’s needed for that. Lots of helpful knowledgeable people here. Have fun. Oh and congrats on those 5 years!


Welcome Blokhead!


I’ve been reading cvco’s posts throughout the forum. I smell a troll.


I’ve been here now for a short time testing the waters and I have to say I really like this forum!
My name is Lloyd.
I lost track of how long it’s been since I completely quit smoking, but Grim Green recently did a retro vape with the Innokin VV v4 and said it came out in 2011. I still have one of the earlier versions and that was the mod that got me to make the switch permanently.
I will try to make this as short as possible.
The roll your own store I used to go to had to stop letting people use their machine to make cigarettes because of manufacturing laws. They started taking e cigs a little more seriously and I bought my first disposable. I still rolled my own at home however.
I was coaching youth ice hockey at the time and while at a tournament a parent came up to me and asked if I would go have a smoke with them, apparently they had smelled it on me earlier in the season. I was appalled with myself, knowing that if the parent could smell cigarette smoke on my clothing the kids certainly did as well.
I went back to the now infant vape shop and began my journey to commit to quit smoking. Fortunately, the market was on the fast track to improvement and innovation. It wasn’t long before I easily, without really even trying made the switch.
Here I am now several years later and enjoying the benefits of the hobby that saved my life and doesn’t make me smell like an ASS tray.


Welcome @Blokhead981 and @Sanctuary_Denied! Happy vaping!

@sirgalvid1, I wondered about this too, lol. If so karma will get him. :smiling_imp:


I think you are right. His shit doesn’t smell too good. Troll indeed!:rage:


Thank you, it did answer my question. I’ve been using Nude Signature Blend and feel as though the nic is interfering with my flavors. Apparently, they’ve been lacking in consistency lately.


hello hello…

welcome me to the forum:grinning :grinning: , yes I’m new to the mixing scene and i have already tried and failed at a mix (yuk dont wanna talk about it). Im from south africa and am here to learn, make friends.


Welcome Ricky!

This is THE best site for learning. It will improve your mixing to new levels.

How are you mixing now? By weight, volume, drops?


Hi Ricky and welcome to our humble online home! Don’t worry about your mixing, you’ll get there! :balloon:


Hello Everyone. I’m Tom from North Carolina, USA. I’ve been lurking the site for a couple of weeks and am very grateful to everyone here. Information on everything anyone would ever need!


Welcome Tom, my fellow Tar Heel neighbor!


Welcome aboard! Glad you found us :smiley:


Hello. My friend call me Duzt. Semi new to the vape culture…And brand new to DYI. Just got my first shipment in yesterday to make 2 recipes. Can’t wait to sit down and mix them up. I am from the Midwest! Thank you to everyone who has posted anything to help me with my new Obsession😎


Hello hello Zeus of juice here just wanted to introduce myself a little background about me I am 8 days cigarette free after 29 years of bondage lol. I have been vaping about a month now and really excited about learning how to diy juice and builds any tools or equipment suggestion would be appreciated. Happy trails to all🖖


Welcome new peoples! :grin:


Welcome, both Duzt and @Zeus_of_juice Nice to have you aboard and congratulations on your decision to quit the cigs - hang in there! :sparkles:


Welcome Zues and Duzt!


Welcome Welcome all you new folks !!
Zeus … 8 days!!! Hang tough brother!


Welcome Zeus and Duzt.