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Welcome and glad you joined.


@Mark_Turner @atssec97 @Brotherbob @Koningmafkees @Josephine_van_Rijn
thank you so much wor the warm welcome

there’s a load of things to read over this forum I think I one life isn’t enough to read everything :sweat_smile:
moreover it looks like a really nice community: I’ll try my best to make my 2cents contrib worth


My name is Nalalia. I am from Poland. 50yo)


Welcome aboard!


Welcome. :wave:


Welcome @Natawa77


Welcome to the best Vaping/DIY site on the web! Glad you joined us @Natawa77!


Hey🖐️, I’m Kyra. Pretty new still to all of this


Welcome Kyra.


Welcome @Kyra1, feel free to ask anything, this community is great!


Thank you so much


Welcome to the newcomers.
@Natawa77. As you probably speak Polish, you could help out with some inawera information finding.
I am curious to see if the same thing happens as in France where a few local brands have quite a following.
Would be good to see if we can get some recipes from Polish sources


Welcome @Natawa77 :raised_hand:


Welcome @Kyra1 :raised_hand:


Welcome @Kyra1 :wave:


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome @Kyra1


Hey all, Yuval here, your friendly Israeli (let’s not talk politics ever) vaper.
Vaping for a few months after quitting cigarettes that I smoked for over 30 years. I got into DiY pretty much straight away since i’m just that kind of a guy I guess :slight_smile:
Just saying hi :slight_smile:


Welcome @adary :raised_hand:


Welcome Yuval @adary. Great place you chose here!