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Welcome @adary :wave:
You will find everything you need to know from the kind folks here.
Sit back, relax and let the reading begin. :+1:


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome @kyra, @adary and @natawa77


Hi folks im new here and saying hi to everyone.
I live in guernsey with only 2 vape shops on the entire island. Neither have a decent custard in stock when i need it so diy time.

I quit smoking just over a month ago and after trying far to many setups am down to a falcon tank and a wasp nanno rda squonker.

I just made my first batch of flavours (in 100ml for some reason) so will most likely be asking for help fixing them soon.


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Welcome to THE party @GuernseyNick


Welcome aboard @GuernseyNick. :wave:
There is plenty of knowledgeable people here to answer your questions.


Welcome bud!


Welcome and glad you joined.

Please do ask.


Welcome all new mixers, to the thunder dome!

Questions? Welcome!
New ideas? Welcome!

Remember that there are no stupid questions, except for the ones not asked.


Fresh Fish!! hahaha
Welcome aboard @GuernseyNick, 100ml flavor batch?


Welcome @kyra, @adary, @natawa77 and

What can i make with these?

Welcome to the happiest place on Earth @kyra, @adary, @natawa77 and




Hello everybody! I have been mixing for a few years, in fact I have a small “personal brand” with my favorite recipes and it has relative success among my acquaintances, I have read you for a long time, and finally I decide to be part of the community, I hope to contribute something useful, thanks for your time!


Welcome aboard @alexbmeist! Hope you’ll share your knowledge and thoughts with us all! (And Recipes) haha!


Welcome @alexbmeist. Grab a barstool, kick yer shoes off and stay awhile.


I know you stated you’ve mixed for a few years now but it wouldn’t be a had idea to take a look at the Guides in the Beginners section. They’ll help you navigate around and show you the various options of the recipe calculator.


Welcome @alexbmeist :raised_hand:



Looking forward to seeing your mixes.