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Be polite and introduce yourself!


Welcome :wave: aboard


Welcome @alexbmeist! :grinning:


Welcome and glad you joined.


Hello everybody! My name is Alexander (Oleksandr). I see nice and friendly people here, thank you. I’m from Ukraine.


Welcome and enjoy your stay!


Thank you.


Welcome to the party


Welcome to all Noobs that’ve joined since the last time I said welcome.


Hey, im new here. Started vaping in 2008. But didnt get really in to it until 4yrs ago. Been mixing for about a year but I still got alot to learn, so im hoping im at the right place.
Have a nice day everyone.

Mags from Norway :blush:


Welcome. :wave: Plenty to do and read here. :+1:


Welcome aboard. :wave:
Enjoy your stay. Plenty of knowledgeable people to help. :+1:


Welcome @dunskoy :raised_hand:


Welcome @Haf83 :raised_hand:


What took you so long??? :smiley:


Thank you very much. :blush:
Good question actually, i have seen the site on many of my Google searches. But a friend from a Fb mix group here in Norway told me he uses it and that i should check it out. So here i am. :grin:Better late than never!? Lol.


Damn Glad to have you!
@dunskoy and @Haf83
Jump on in, watch out for the rabbit hole! It’s deep!!!


Welcome and glad you joined.


Greetings,salutations and welcome.


Welcome @dunskoy and @Haf83. Enjoy your stay.


Been here a while. Guess it’s time to introduce myself. I’ll try to not drag this out and be all boring and shit. First off my name is Bob, 28if is a Beatles thing.

Smoked for 37 years, 3 packs a day of RYO at the end. Last smoke Christmas Eve 2014. Currently feel great for a slightly overweight 58 year old male. Live outside Detroit, MI. Married with a 20 year old grown ass kid that acts like she’s 13.

Absolutely love trying new attys. That is my hook to keep vaping. Prolly have over 100 attys in my collection some dups mostly originals some clones. Loose MTL is my method, lungs wont take the DL style. Thirty or so mods 10 in rotation.

Started mixing shortly after I started vaping. Seemed like the correct course to take with all of the FDA talk at the time. Fell in love with the process. Now my atty collection pales in comparison to my flavor arsenal. Pushing 250 flavors, use about 25 but always need / want more.

That’s my story, as you see, learned my lesson and so did she, now it’s over and I’m glad ‘cause I’m a fool for all I’ve said… love rock music too.

Oh and I believe I am the only diy’er that thinks Cap VC tastes like you would think rat puke tastes.

Thanks for having me!