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Be polite and introduce yourself!


Welcome @28If :raised_hand:


What took you so long? lol. Welcome to a new day! Motor City man! :+1:


Welcome @dunskoy and @Haf83.

As to Mr. @28If Welcome, finally hehe. I feel LESS guilty taking that Bezerker off your hands now, seeing you are flush with MTL’s. You may have answered this in the “other” thread, but having as many MTL’s as you do, which one, if any, is the best for flavor ??


You not the only person who has problems with cap v1. Custard inw to the rescue is all that I can say.


OMG, I can’t believe I missed the reason why I quoted him !!!

You are not alone. I am a creamy, custard, bakery fiend, and nothing saddened me more than my inability to vape CAP VC. I posted questions, attempts, all failed, and despite my best efforts, there is SOMETHING in there, that V1 nor V2 can cure for me, where I just can’t pinpoint or explain, but I just can’t vape it. LUCKILY for me however, despite being turned OFF by more than a few OTHER custards, most of which blew my face off with egg, I stumbled across TPA VC which I can vape straight, with no issues, and no pepper. Thank God, for choices.


:wave: Welcome aboard :+1:


Grew up on the East Side. Now in the western burbs.

Similar path to vaping. Almost 2 packs of RYO a day. I had my last cig at 60. I’m 64 now. Had no intention of quitting when I got my first Ego Twist & CE4. By the end of the first week, I had stopped smoking. Couldn’t believe how easy it was.

Also MTL only. My lungs can’t handle DL either. Seems kinda’ weird saying welcome to someone that’s been here longer than I have, but… welcome!



Welcome and glad you joined.


Thank you for the welcome. ATM I have two that I really like. The doggy is a great flavorful MTL tank - simply hate the plastic tank section. But it is so simple and flavorful. 2nd and I have 2 on mods now has to be the Merlin MTL - I find this one good flavor, easy to build and a very relaxed MTL. Neither of these are like the bezerker - that sucker was way to tight.


I want to say thanks to all of you folks for the warm welcome. @SessionDrummer, @Brotherbob, @d_fabes, @Burga, @Chrispdx, @atssec97.

And a special thanks to @daath for the website and all the work.

Yeah, Detroit Rock City!

It is really kinda funny how much time I spent on CAP VC both versions. I think I went from 0.5 to 30%. I kept looking at recipe after recipe thinking I have to be doing something wrong everyone loves this stuff. Honed my measuring skills that’s for sure. My wife thought I was trying to crack a WW2 secret code. FA, TPA, INW all better Custards.

Hope I didn’t for get to thank anyone. ELR is Great place to be!


Welcome to all new members!! :slightly_smiling_face:




Oh, and BTW, I finally cracked the code !!!




You’re most certainly not the only one. It’s taken me ages to be able to vape it too…
For me, the right ratio with other flavors is key (often in combination with French Vanilla and NY Cheesecake) , using enough sucralose and letting it steep. When the recipe says 2 weeks, make it 4 weeks, if it says a month, make it at least 2 months.
I have this issue with every flavor that is eggy, also bavarian cream and others… doesn’t matter much which brand it is. As a SnV they all taste like something that’s been half digested and come back out again.


I think that might actually be my issue too…


Just like a lot of us here, I hate it as well, but not because of the heaviness or egginess others hate, I can’t get over the bad artificial vanilla that’s in there!

But just like with a lot of flavors that are raved about by the “popular” people, we are not important enough to matter :wink:

You’ll see this soon with other flavors we mentioned here on ELR hundred of times (good/bad) but till the YouTube kids get them, they’re labeled as horrible or being over hyped lol.

Always makes us feel we’re the only ones that likes or hates something. :roll_eyes:

Anyways I’m glad you joined and hope you enjoy your stay.


Welcome @28If! Glad to have ya


Hea all Thanks for being here and your input. love this place. couldn’t do it without all the info

…and thanks for this recipe, 5 star!

Strawnana Custard


Gravatar - by Ken O’Where, Dec 8. 2016, 21:26


Oh crap. My Secret is no longer safe :joy:


Thanks for the welcome and reply @Suomynona. It could very well be the egg taste that’s causing my issues. Steeping didn’t help. It’s a shame cuz I’m really curious what the heck is so great about that flavor.


Welcome to ELR @Freddie3
That is indeed a good mix!