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Welcome to ELR @JiM210. I will 2nd what @Suomynona mentioned on your favorite recipe! There are some Pro’s here that will be more than happy to help! I love this place!! Glad to have you !


Welcome @JiM210. Enjoy the rabbit hole you have found :wink: plenty to do and see here. The people here are very knowledgeable, so dont be afraid to ask anything. :+1: :wave:


Greetings from Barcelona, I am new here. 3 months ago I’m vaping, after smoking 35 years. 2 months ago I try to prepare the recipes I find here. Learning … Thank you all for sharing experience and knowledge, I hope to collaborate with you soon. Forgive my bad English. regards


Welcome aboard. Don’t worry about the english, your doing just fine.


Welcome and glad you joined.
The tobacco category is a great group to experiment with, I find it the most forgiving when it comes to experimentation. The following are nice reads:


:wave: Welcome aboard :wave:


Welcome @JiM210 :raised_hand:


Welcome @Gus6 :raised_hand:


Welcome @Gus6, happy you joined!


Welcome @Gus6 :wave: .I am new here too :grinning:


Welcome aboard my friend! Glad to have you!


Welcome and glad you joined.