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Welcome lambu!!


Welcome @lambu :raised_hand:


Welcome @lambu , @20100 , @Perry_Mason & @ModAbidingCitizen :metal:


Welcome @lambu Don’t hesitate to ask anything. Everyone here has a wealth of knowledge, is very helpful, and we were all new once.


Hi all. New to the vaping world. Started vaping to give up a cigs and it’s working great. :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard !


@Trimzee Welcome to a life without cigarettes and to the forum.


Welcome @Trimzee :raised_hand:


Welcome @Trimzee to the forum and congratz on your accomplishment ! :tada:


Welcome to all the new members :slight_smile:
May your steep juices bare fruit to your new ADV (All day vapes)
May your flavors not get lost in the mail
May your reviews and ratings bear witness to the birth of a new generation of recipe


Hi, My name is Sue. I go by Chanelvaps on other forums. I have been vaping since Oct 2013. I build my own coils most of the time and love my Hex Ohm and all Taifuns


Welcome @Sue_Pom :raised_hand:


Hello @Sue_Pom and all other new peoples! Great to have you here! :tada:


im completely out of likes due to recent shenanigans but welcome to all the newcomers :grin::wink:🖒 and congratulations on finding the best forum on the planet :ok_hand::v:


I did think of ECF as my home forum but am kind of bored there. Hope to learn to navigate my way around here. (not high tech and it took me awhile to learn ECF. LOL


Welcome to the forum @Sue_Pom


You’ll do just fine…we’re a straight forward bunch over here- any questions feel free to ask! :smiley:


I am by no means a new member to this website, however most of you have probably never seen me post anything. With all the turmoil we are experiencing I felt compelled to tell you my story, and what ELR has done for me.

I was a two pack a day smoker for a long time. Fortunately for me I was able to quit smoking about 20 years ago. So why would I be on a vaping website you might ask. Well the love of my life Michele who has smoked from the age of 14 could not kick the habit.

It all started one day just before Christmas 2014. We picked up an eGo c-twist with a clearomizer tank. Bought a couple of bottles of juice, so BAM problem solved…right. Not so much, the thing leaked, spit back, it was just horrible. My wife was a good sport and tried to use it for a month or two, but wasn’t feeling it. Every time the thing failed she would go buy a new pack of cigarettes. It need to work every time without her needing to think about it. I decided to take it to a vape shop in town to find out what was wrong with it. Let me tell you I felt like the biggest dumb ass in the word. Not only did I not know the thing had a coil, but it was meant to be replaced. The guy was like “when was the last time you changed your coil?” um like never “how long you had it” 3 months was my answer. (pause for dramatic effect)

At that point I realized I had done my wife a great disservice. I was determined to learn more about vaping. Not only how it worked but why it worked. It is hard to under estimate how difficult it is to fine tune your vaping style and preferences when you do not vape. As you can imagine I went through a lot of different tanks, coils, mods. Before I picked up something new I would go straight to ELR to help me understand it a little better. The more I read the more I understood the process, and before long I hit upon the right combination of gear that worked for her vaping style.

So fast forward to today, with the knowledge I have gained from this site my wife Michele after smoking for more than 30 years has not picked up a cigarette for almost 3 years. I will never be able to express the joy in my heart I feel toward everyone on this site. You did not save my life, you saved my reason for living! Rebuilding coils, mixing e-juice, wicking, battery maintenance it truly is a labor of love.


Thank you for sharing your story. I felt the same way when I started. I forget how daunting vaping can be when you know nothing about it.


Very beautiful story and even more so that it was all for the love of someone else. Out of curiosity, did u start to vape as well?