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I do not vape regularly, only when trying new flavors on a simple single coil RDA


This is my first attempt at this forum aspect of this site. I have learned my lesson so far about DIY vape juice as my first batch came out smelling good but tasting not so good. i will try again with actually using recipes this time. Any good advice for this new to DIY vape juice making?


Welcome aboard! you can start here

sadly followed by lots and lots of reading

to get ya started. Gl to you!


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Thank you so very much for that testimony, @Duneatick ! and welcome to ELR , @Cathy4


Welcome @Cathy4 :raised_hand:


Hi, I’m a new vaper from Brisbane only been going 4 days but what a difference a few days makes. I smoked for 23 years at about 30 a day and I loved my ciggies. I’m a registered nurse and I work in the Ear Nose and Throat department, so I’ve seen a lot of damage caused by cigarettes. I’ve copped crap about smoking there for 10 years. What a surprise for everyone when I go back from holidays cigarette free!!!


Welcome aboard!


Welcome @cathy4 and @marsh855


Welcome @marsh855 :raised_hand:


Hi everyone. New member Dardy coming at ya from Perth down here in Australia. How is everyone? Well I hope. Firstly, a special g’day to all the guys & gals in Aussie. Secondly, g’day to all the other wonderful people here at ELR. Yeah, I don’t know you but have been “lurking” for a good 9 months or so and it seems like I know you all anyway. Thought I’d take the next step in my DIY journey and sign up so I can make full use of flavor notes and recipes and especially so I can ask you all questions on all things “vape” to help me on my way.

Not a newbie as far as vaping goes but I absolutely am when it comes to DIY. Pretty average start to making my own juice I must admit and have made some mistakes as far as percentages go but slowly getting a feel for it. As many of you have advised others new to the DIY caper, it all takes time and sticking at it, mistakes and all, is a necessary step to getting better at it.

OK, a little background if I may. Started vaping MTL on Ego style pen @ 1.6ohms and found myself progressing (naturally I think) to vaping DL with average type box mods and tanks at 0.50-0.75 ohms. Currently on a Cool Fire 4 Plus and iStick 30 but also vape on iStick Basic, Joyetech AIO, Joyetech AIO Pro and Joyetech Cubox. Nothing fancy smancy but they do the trick. Then again, I have a funny feeling I may be updating my kit soon. Just feel something is lacking.

I’ve gone ahead and bought myself a couple of RDA clones (Velocity & Nipple style), some wire, cotton, ceramic tweezers etc etc etc and plan to do some simple single coil builds so I can taste test future concoctions. I also plan on rebuilding my stock coils for my Eleaf and Joyetech gear. Have researched on YouTube and elsewhere and seriously, it ain’t that hard. Just waiting on some non woven gauze (for the Eleaf coils) and I’m off and racing!

My juice tastes are pretty simple. I’m easily pleased if I can partake of some Strawberries & Cream, Energy Juice (Red Bull and Monster types), Banana Cream, Cinnamon Roll type vapes, Apple Pie, Coffee & Cream and of course, some Menthol. I have made up some recipes from here on ELR, some absolute disasters and some so-so. Started off mixing single flavors as I thought it would be easier but that’s not necessarily the case because as we all know, everyone’s taste is different, percentages will vary due to PG/VG mix and of course, the gear you’re vaping your juice on. Life can get too technical sometimes but gosh it’s fun ain’t it?

My current fave is a simple INW Strawberry Shisha standalone at 4% in a 50/50 PG/VG mix (sometimes 40/60). Then again I taste tested a Strawberry Shisha and Cheesecake mix tonight and after a 2 week steep, it’s sorta promising. Not much SB but definitely can taste the cheesecake so I’ve got some tweakin’ to do I think.

OK, reckon I should love and leave ya for now. Have made you spend far too much time reading this introduction. BTW, I’ve actually kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland so that’s supposed to give me the “gift of the gab” and I’m wondering if that transfers over to the written word as well? Geez I can ramble on. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll confirm same.

Thanks for listening and hope to catch up with some of you in the not too distant future. I’ll post something in the “How I Quit Smoking” thread soon as I’d love to help someone get off the stinkies or maybe just to reassure them it’s not as hard as they think or even encourage someone to hang on in and keep at it. Be warned though, it’ll be a marathon read. Get yourself a coffee, some cake and of course a vape and settle in for the night!

Cheers from Dardy!


Welcome @DardyVape :raised_hand:


Great to have you un-lurking Dardy! :tada:


Welcome @marsh855 and @DardyVape


Welcome @DardyVape good to have another Aussie on the forums.


Thanks for the welcome! Still can’t remember how to show usernames so if someone could set me right that’d be great.

Thanks to Mark_Turner, Lolly, CarolinaVapen and fellow Aussie woftam for the welcome. Yeah, looking forward to “un-lurking” and getting involved.

As woftam will know, we have a slight time difference thing down here so only get to see replies and so on well after the rest of you are safely tucked up in bed. Sitting here at my desk in the office listening to some “Life in a Northern Town” (The Dream Academy) and “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” (Michael Jackson with Siedah Garrett) on the internet and it’s just gone 6.20am (been here since 5.30am) and decided to have a quick peek and pretty chuffed with the replies I got. I’m all aquiver! I know I’ll get over it soon enough though. Thanks again guys, appreciate it.

Off I go and get stuck into checking emails. Have a great day and I’ll check in again after work. Questions are swimming through my noggin’ as I speak. I’m gonna have to write ‘em all down or else I’ll forget! Think I’ll make a coffee and have a listen to “We Built This City” (Starship). Cheers!


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@DardyVape :grinning::+1:


I’ve been lurking a while just to get percentages for mixes. I use rdas and do my own builds. Trivia: everyone’s recipes seem too strong for me. :smiley:


Welcome aboard!


Welcome @Johnny99 - the strength straight after mixing can be super strong, some will settle, some will get stronger after a steep. If after a steep it is still too strong you can dilute it down to your taste with plain pg/vg mix - one of the beauties of diy.

Have fun.