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Welcome @Johnny99


Bout time to stop lurking for me as well…


My name is Bjarne, from Norway. I enjoy my coils at around 0.2 ohm @ 50w (n80). Been smoke free for 4 years now, used to go through 100 grams of rolling tobacco a week for about 15 years. Great to have my lungs back.

Been into diy juice mixing for about a year and love all the inspiration I get from all of you :slight_smile:

I love: Custards, especially the butterscotchy / caramel ones. Really good fruit vapes heavy on blood orange. Coffee, the drink, not in vapes (or havent really tried many coffee mixes).

I hate: Not really a hater, but really disappointed in great working mods that keep losing the paint coating after 1-2 months (YES YOU BLACK VOOPOO DRAG!). Mallwalkers blocking the sliding entrance doors (more an annoyance :smiley: )

Currently trying to make a blood orange heavy sweet fruit mix.



Cheers @Mausberg , Great to have more custard lovers on board!


Welcome @Johnny99 :raised_hand:


Welcome @Mausberg :raised_hand:


Welcome to the forums. Pull up chair and stay awhile. Lol. I look forward to your input on orange mixes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to the forums. Trivia? The force is strong within everyone. :hugs:


…on rock’n’roll. Welcome home.


Welcome @Mausberg


Thanks @Mark_Turner. You be Da Man! Always good to see you guys helping out us newbies. Appreciate it bro’. Cheers from down here in Oz…


Welcome all new members! Hope you all have a great time here at ELR!


Welcome to all new members !! :metal:


New here just joined today! Started to mix my own juice a week or so ago so reading and learning on here !


Welcome aboard! Yep, lots of good info here. Gl to u!


Welcome to Elr. Happy mixing.


Welcome @Jonnybarr91 :raised_hand:


Welcome to the ELR family, loads to learn here :wink: :metal:


Copied from my unmerged intro in the ‘beginners’ forum -

Hello there folks,
I’m from London, but currently reside in Barcelona where a student of mine turned me on to vaping. I’ll tell my story below for those who can be bothered to read it.

I have never smoked cigarettes and rejoiced when the smoking ban came into effect in the UK.
However, I had always liked what found out to be pipe smoke - at least the flavoured tobaccos. So, I started smoking a rock-filtered pipe which I bought in California when I was about 19, only intermittently because the ‘filter rocks’ were expensive so I left it after a while. Of course the ash and pipe itself stank like shit afterwards - as did my breath I guess; and I never got the same taste as the smell I’d previously experienced following a pipe smoker down the street.
I had brief dalliances with pipe smoking since then, but am now quite far from 19!! and recently found out about vaping - damn!!! This is exactly what I have been looking for. The possibility to get the flavour without the carcinogens and stink. Plus the DIY and gadget aspects blew my middle-aged mind! hehe.

I have always vaped no nic.

Now I have a two mods and one on the way, six attys with another on the way and loads of kit!

Love to all yous.


Welcome @mightvape , @Jonnybarr91 , @Mausberg and…heck, all those other folk i didn’t notice til now, cos i haven’t read this thread all year :blush:.
Some really nice stoties here, especially from @Duneatick (the “labour of love” one). Gosh! your wife is one lucky woman!

Hmm, it’s getting pretty crowded in this rabbit hole…and all the better for that!

Happy mixing!


Hey Johnny, maybe you should try HIC’s recipes then, most people find them a little too weak in flavor and suggest a 25% increase in flavor :smiley:
IMO, the older the recipe, the more likely that it’s a bit overflavored. Maybe that’s due to the advances in hardware over time.