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Be polite and introduce yourself!


A big fat welcome to all the new members joining ELR. Including but not limited to,
@lambu @20100 @Perry_Mason @ModAbidingCitizen @Trimzee @Sue_Pom @Mausberg @marsh855 @DardyVape @Jonnybarr91 .
Would of also added more but can only tag 10 users at a time.
Welcome everyone either way. :hugs:


Cheers, the whole vaping world is full of helpful and welcoming people, in my short 4 week journey I have found nothing else. This site has definitely been my main resource, because I tried vaping on the 3rd February, made my first mix on the 6th and by the 27th I completed my first build. :crazy_face:
This vaping game has a bit of everything. I’m totally off the cigarettes too less than a month! I’m on the band wagon and I’m preaching to all the Ear nose and throat surgeons and most of their work comes from the damage caused by smoking cigarettes. One of the other nurses told off a consultant because patients were waiting to be seen and he was discussing vaping with me.


Congratulations and welcome to ELR!


The brilliant thing about this place is the wealth of knowledge and experience and how friendly and helpful members are.
I’ve been all over the interwebs and always come here for good solid advice. This site will definitely advance your vaping, no matter what your vaping style or experience is, there’s always more to learn and plenty to teach.
Congrats on making the leap off the stinkies. I quit 1/1/15 and haven’t looked back since. Found this site just after it had taken off and haven’t needed to look elsewhere.
Quality place with some real quality people. Your in good hands. :ok_hand:


Absolutely haven’t found anything else, everyone is willing to share. I’m in the whole way already just ordered 7 x 100ft rolls of wire after 1 build. Loving everything vaping.


I’m new to vaping and I thought this might be a good place to get advice. I really don’t know anything about it. I recently quit smoking and a friend gave me some stuff to get started but she didn’t really explain anything. I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to post.


Welcome aboard @New2Vape (i moved your post)

Have a read and search around the forums for any answers you need. If you don’t find what you are looking for please ask away, there are many fine, knowledgeable people around these parts who are happy to help.

Good Luck & congrats on taking the first step.


Welcome to the forum! A lot of people here would be able to answer better than me, but what did she give you?


Welcome to elr. Lots of great info here.

If you are completely new to vaping YouTube can be helpful because a picture is worth a 1000 words. He also started a new video series that may be very worth it to check out. His videos may be long, but informative.


Welcome @New2Vape :raised_hand:


Hi everybody! My name is Jeff (22 jump street impression of you’d like!) I’m exited to be part of this group and am excited to have everybody’s wealth of knowledge at my fingertips. The recipes I’ve tried so far have blown away the “premium” juices I’ve had. Kudos to everyone that contributes. I’m always looking to improve, so if anybody ever had any suggestions on my juices I’d love the feedback. I look forward to contributing in the future. Vape on fam!


Welcome aboard Jeff! :tada:


Welcome aboard! I took a peek and they look nice, perhaps make that a root beer float…Being former chef/bartender, u have an edge over someone like me that cant pin point whats good or bad in a mix or describe to others so iam sure u will have a lot to contribute.


Welcome @Tang :raised_hand:


Hello to all! Totally new to vaping and already wanting to know everything lol


Welcome @JimJust you got lots of reading to do. Lol. Pull up a chair and stay awhile.


Hi Guys, I am vaping since 2014 but more on and off, because to that time the devices were just horrible.

Started again 2017 and sticked with it. I diy as well and been lurking through this forum for quite some time, didn’t felt comfortable making an account. Forums can be a pain lol, anyways glad I finally joined and maybe we all can learn something from each other.


Welcome @JimJust :raised_hand:


Welcome @eStorm :raised_hand:


Welcome to elr. Yup. We are a pain indeed. But we do try to be friendly. Will you be my friend. Lol. Again Welcome.