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Hi Tim! Good to have you here! :smiley:


Welcome @Koningmafkees :raised_hand:


Welcome to all the new members, ELR is where the elite meet.


Hello everyone,
My Name is Jordan, i have just started mixing my own juice to save money. Thank you to those who have already given me suggestions to help me along in mixing good tasting quality flavors.


Hi Jordan, welcome to the happiest place on earth.


Welcome @Jordan26 :raised_hand:


Welcome @Jordan26


Hi @jordan26 and welcome to ELR.


Welcome aboard @Jordan26šŸ»


Welcome to ELR all newcomers :+1::metal:


Hello and greetings from Preston, England.
New to the group and here to gain and eventually share knowledge.


Welcome @Rikg :raised_hand:


welcome, @Rikg :smile:

I have family living near you, in Euxton
Iā€™m in Coventry , myself
Nice to see more UK mixers joining :smile:


Cheers @jay210
To be precise iā€™m In Walton le Dale so yes, not far from Euxton.


Welcome to ELR @Rikg.


Welcome to the forum @Rikg! Good luck on your DIY adventure


welcome @Rikg :metal:


hi all, I started diy about 4 months ago and loving every bit of it.
I have been researching for a long while, and the last time I bought so called premium juice I bought 3 bottles at $20 bucks each and hated all of them, I thought of giving up vaping!
I thought how do I get into diy and still afford to vape? So I bought a 24mg/ml juice and some vg from a health food store to dilute to 6mg/ml ran home with 120ish dollars out of my $150 a month smoking fund and ordered 500ml pg 500 ml vg 60 ml 100mg/ml nic and 7/ 5 ml bottles, a few needles, and tuffed out the week or so wait for my supplies. During that week I realized even if I suck I could be happy with just a pg/vg/nic , fast forward 4 months, I now have 126 different flavors and do not miss trying to like something that I could have bought 2 packs of smokes, for the 20 bucks, and at least know the ashtray taste Iā€™m getting,

         anyway  my real name is mike and i live in bc, Canada ....cheers all happy mixing!


Hi @Ekimllots, welcome to the forum and an awesome community! If you need any advice feel free to ask, there are several great mixers out here willing to help.


Welcome @Ekimllots :smile:
you might like to get yourself down on our brand-new member map
PS oops! replied to the wrong bod :blush: sorry!