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Be polite and introduce yourself!


Welcome @Ekimllots :raised_hand:


Welcome and glad you joined.
I was curious on how much money I spent just these last two years. Less than $15/year for flavors, and I’m still trying new mix’s.


My name is Vlad. I vape 3 years. Thats all:sunglasses:


Welcome to the rabbit hole, @VladSumy :sunglasses:
by the way, the emoticons don’t work if you don’t leave spaces around them


Welcome @VladSumy & @Ekimllots , no question stays unawnsered here :wink: :metal:


Welcome @VladSumy !
Have fun on your DIY journey :yum:


Welcome @VladSumy :raised_hand:


Good Day fellow Vapers. Name is Mike and hail from Alabama. My Vaping journey started back in late 2014 early 2015. I tried to kick my 2 pack a day 30 year old cig habit by using Vaping. It seemed to work for 6 or 8 months, unfortunately I picked up one after a very bad day and my 2 pack a day went to 3 packs a day. At any rate, i am vaping again and have put the smokes up again, been a whole week! (yeah)
I have been lurking in the recipe section for a bit and am amazed at all the recipes available and all the good folks who share and help! Looking forward to kicking the cig habit so I am counting on the elr family for encouragement and patience as I learn!! Much Love and many Thanks!


Welcome to the club :slight_smile:
Don’t beat yourself up if you pick up a cigarette, just don’t replace vaping completely when you have a weak moment.
Lots of people have been dual users for a long time before they finally kicked the habit.
The end goal is to quit, how you get there is of no importance, just keep that goal in your mind.

And maybe try a different nicotine level on those stress days, or a different mod/tank that gives you a little extra to get through the day.


Welcome @atssec97 ! Most of us here are very patient and helpfull, so feel free to ask whatever you want. I hope you can keep at it to lead a healthier life.


Welcome @atssec97 :raised_hand:


Welcome and glad you joined.


Hi All
This community is a wealth of knowledge, have been vaping 12months and DIY for about 1hour now :grin: ordered some supplies 2wks ago and just done my first mix (4 30ml bottles) not my recipes but the ones from the great people here until I grow in confidence. 4 flavour mixes today.
Ill be buying a scale first thing tomorrow, using syringes just isnt my thing (Bugger all that clean-up). been lurking for a few months and signed up couple days ago. There is so much reading here to be done.

Thanks for the info you all have put here for newbies like me.

Another 1 for the Australian contingency on here.

Thanks All.


Welcome @Burga, using a scale is deffinately easier than syringes. have fun on your mixing journey and don’t be afraid to ask any questions. This is a great community with very helpfull members.


Welcome @atssec97 and @Burga !

Sorry for the belated response, here, @atssec97. I see that I’ve already liked you 11 times! :laughing: You’re obviously making a great contribution to this forum already :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard!!! Measuring with the scale is sooo much easier. And concentrates in dripper bottles make it even easier! I have a bunch of concentrates in vials so I use the 3ml pipettes. They are supposed to be disposable but I’m cheap and try and reuse them as I did syringes! Even so clean up is a snap!
Have fun my friend!


Haha all of my concentrates are in dripper bottles so i had to pull all the tops off to mix with my syringes what a PIA so the scale is for me.


Welcome and glad you joined.
Wishing you happy reading.:laughing:


Hi all :wave:
Another noob from Oz has joined the ranks!!
I have been lurking for a bit while reading and researching this fantabulous site :laughing:
Hubby and I made the switch to vaping in Feb this year and so far going well!
I started DIY about a month ago and am still at the stage of testing the flav’s I have so far, more on the way, of course :wink:
I initially did not realise you could create the flavour stash and all the benefits that provides, was just searching the recipes.
Thanks to everyone who make this site everything that it is, i have already learned so much and sure i will learn much more :+1:
Many Thanks :laughing:


Hi @Sevencasper and welcome!