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Be polite and introduce yourself!


Welcome aboard! @sevencasper


Thanks @jay210 @atssec97


Welcome @Sevencasper :raised_hand:


Welcome @Sevencasper


Welcome all!


Welcome @Sevencasper


Thanks @Mark_Turner @whosyourdaddy @DarkJester89 @woftam :wave:


Welcome and glad you joined. Hands down, the best DIY site in my opinion.


Thanks @Brotherbob good to be here!


Hey, my name is Teo, I’m new here. :smiley:
I didn’t know there was a forum on this site until one friend told me today at work . There are a lot of things to learn here at a first glance and that is one thing I always like in a forum.


Welcome @Teo9. Put your feet up make yourself at home ask anything you feel needs asking the good folks here have a lot of experience and are super willing to help out.


Welcome @Teo9 to a great community.


Welcome @Teo9 :raised_hand:


hi there
not completely converted to the steam side yet but on the goot path already :slight_smile:
got here following one of my comrades and registered due of the many info/tools availability

I was searching for the place where to thank with @TorturedZen for his hint on my 1st shared recipe
…hopefully this seems to be ok :slight_smile:

what else ?? ah … wish you all to make nice clouds


There are a lot of good people here that should be able to help or advise you on anything vape related, especially DIY.
Enjoy the journey!


Welcome @radar :raised_hand:


Welcome aboard! @radar and @Teo9! Be warned this place is as addictive as the recipe side! :rofl:


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome @radar to a wonderfull community.


This thread has grown since I last saw it :grin:

A big welcome to all new members :hugs: