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Beginner's Guide to Using The ELR Recipe Calculator


Nicotine is not necessary at all. You should be able to just set the Nic level to zero.


Excellent! Thanks for the reply,


Should get my first order from Nicotine River Tuesday, can’t wait to try it out!


What if I wanted to use an existing recipe but wanted to increase the total amount made and more importantly, raise the desired nicotine level. Does the calculator automatically make the necessary adjustments for the PG VG. and Flavor percentages?


yeppers :+1:


If you haven’t done this yet, go to the recipe, hit the wrench icon next to its name, hit “adapt this” and you can change the total size to make, nic, pg, vg, and all of the flavor %s will stay the same, unless you feel like changing those too. Keep it private so we don’t get a bunch of duplicates in the system, unless there is a good reason to make it public.
Hope this helps. Happy mixing!


Thank you. I’ve done that to this recipe and when I put in 12mg Nic, the other nic amount required values seemed to get lower. Or am I not understanding? ;(


By the way, this is my brothers favorite commercial vape and I want to make sure that I can do this before I jump into things


Is the one you posted your version or the version you are adapting? Can you take a screen shot of your version while in the edit mode and post it here?


I see where I made my mistake. The adapt screen defaults to 10ml total product desired. The OG recipe is 60. Therefore the required amount of nicotine and other ingredients were skewed on my part. Thank you very very much for your help greatly appreciated;)


Howdy Prime.

On any recipe creation screen where you’re either creating, adapting or editing, you can put a check in the box beside Set these base values as default. Once you click save then it saves your defaults.


Then on future recipe creations your values will be automatically populated. Those values are PG/VG ratio, nicotine base strength, total amount to make and final nic strength. Where you will find this doesn’t work is when adapting a recipe that is Max VG. In that case you simply uncheck the Max VG box and it will revert to your default settings.


Another must read thread I missed while I was gone! Awesome @SthrnMixer !


Awesome! I thought that I did. Fat fingers on my iPad doh!


nice guide but what about the volume in your stash? it ask’s bottle size, is that the 10ml bottle i have or the 5.26ml that are still in there? if you make a recipe, does it automatically adjust your stash?


When you enter your flavor it asks for ml and price. This is the size bottle you bought and the price you paid, and it allows for ELR to calculate the cost of your recipes. In your profile there is also a place to add your PG/VG/NIC so it will calculate that too. It doesn’t use this info to track your inventory. That’s a nice feature and one I know has been mentioned by several members and the owner, @daath, but he’d have to tell you if and when that will be added.


Hi! New to the site and DIY in general. This was very informative and I am just waiting for my kit from Nicotine River to get started. I just have one question: if you want to add a dash of sweetener, where does it go into the calculator?
Thank you!


As a flavour generally


When you get your concentrates, just add them all to your flavor stash and treat them all the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s a flavor or a flavor enhancer.
Just like any food recipes, you’ll add every ingredient to the list with the correct amount that you want to use.

While you’re waiting, just have a look at recipes you’d like to make. You’ll see that people use sweetener, sour, etc as regular flavors.
Actually, you could already enter your order in your flavor stash on the recipe side of the site, click on “What can I make” and already check out the recipes you’ll be able to make once your order comes in.


Thanks, both of you! I understand better now.
I did enter my stash after I posted my question. I suppose I should make it public.


It’s not a necessity but it’s always helpful if you’re coming back and asking for help with a recipe or a clone request. It’s not like it has any personal identifiable information in it so I really don’t see the harm in it :wink: