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BIG giveaway! (Ended)


First impression - I liked it. Pages are loaded quickly. The site is not overloaded with decorations


FreeMax Neutron Star Tank

Nice resin colors


Thanks :grin:


I think a good match also with this black version of the Ampus RDA is :
VGOD Elite 200W Box Mod
I really like that you have review videos with a lot of the products. I find that very helpful. Improvements? More items in your Special Offer section cause who doesn’t love a good sale? :wink:


@JoJo or @Ken_O_Where please feel free to move this to a more appropriate location, as you see fit. The only reason I’m posting here, is to affirm KrisKing84’s experiences, and shed a bit more light for those interested. I want sure where to put it otherwise. Vendor threads didn’t seem right, though it is without a doubt vendor related. But at the same time, I’m not wanting to cause a panic, nor ill will towards a company towards a company who appears to be experiencing “growing pains”. But, as I said in the pm, I also think that the ELR family should be aware of our experiences, before spending “noticeable” amounts of money, without having tested the waters first (on a smaller purchase).

Just so I’m not leaving @KrisKing84 hanging solo here, as it was I who suggested in the PM that the winners of the last AtouchMall giveaway have going, and that GalacticResidue got wrangled in to… That perhaps our experiences this far should be shared with the rest of the ELR family.

So far, we have (individually) received tracking notices from the kind-hearted folks at AtouchMall.
Unfortunately, there’s enough confusion happening with both the shipping, and the information that is being handed out from AtouchMall customer service, that in my opinion should warrant a bit of cautious testing (as it should be with any new vendor) before dropping $50-100 or more on that new mod, etc. that you may’ve had your eye on.

I was approached with a concern about tracking information, at which point I shared that I was experiencing an issue of my own, in so much as, it shows as having shipped on the 22nd (which was fine, quick to ship!) but then stood still from the 25th until the point a few days ago (when we started piecing things together). FWIW, mine still hasn’t shown movement since the 25th (last known position: China). Also worth noting that in the same tracking information, in one instance, it shows as going to New York, and in the next, it shows as going to Chicago. (Not talking about a browser refresh type change, taking about changing the direction/path mid-shipment, and in the same breath basically, for lack of a better way to explain it.)

Anyways, KrisKing84 noted that the tracking number provided, showed as out for delivery. Which would be great. Only it was in another state. When I saw @GalacticResidue posting a review a couple hours earlier… I hit him up in pm (which is clearly visible in his review thread) and brought him into the “winners pm”, where it was confirmed that KrisKing84 had been given the tracking info for GalacticResidue’s review unit.

A bit more happened (and is ongoing) but, when I contacted AtouchMall about the situation with mine standing still, and also asking about why it shows in one sentence it says New York, and the next says Chicago… There was no explanation offered for the latter (somewhat understandable, as they are not the shipping company), but they did state that the tracking number that I had been given was wrong. At which point they provided me with “the correct tracking number”… which was instantly found out to once again, be the tracking number for GalacticResidue’s review unit. They also noted in the next reply to me (after providing the “correct” number) that it shows as having been delivered, and I was requested to please check the mail box…

I pointed out the error, and am waiting to hear back (though that was only “last night”). Regardless, while it’s very kind, and generous of them to show support for the community at ELR, it’s my opinion that they’re obviously experiencing a bit of confusion (and disorganization) at the moment.

Things may be a wholly different experience when dealing with (what’s expected/assumed to be) a more automated inventory, and shipping system. But given three of us are having “the current experience” with getting proper tracking, and inaccurate information from customer service, I feel everyone should be aware.

They have been contacted, and we are awaiting further (confirmed correct) information… But let’s just say, there’s room for improvement currently!

Oh, Leilani thinks hers may be on the way! So I’ll try and leave it with that positive note! :wink:


I cant speak on any of the errors on their side, of course, but all kinds of crazy stuff happens when shipping over seas. I have had orders arrive in NY then sent on down to ISC Chicago, usually only when the item has a battery.

Im just curious, have you ordered from China before? I dont have any examples of the NY issue but here is my last China order:

Sometimes they sit quite a long time after acceptance at either end and once shipped from China i usually dont see anything until it hits Chicago.


Good question. chuckles
And the answer would be no(t properly).

I’ve received one item from China previously (the Cuboid I won here at ELR a year ago). But that too was handled “off the books” (not through the website channel).

I’m as familiar with the “stateside runaround” that can sometimes occur (from St Louis to Chicago and back again before delivery for example), and that’s why I try to allow leeway for such rare instances.

My question was about the following pic (which was also shared with the vendor):

Again, it just struck me odd. Lol

My larger concern was about us getting someone else’s tracking number (to start with), and then continuing to get incorrect information upon making an inquiry with the customer service rep here (though I believe the followup may have been handled by another individual since they began to refer to me as dear… I could be wrong though) lol. :thinking:


I think would look good on a smoant charon.


I agree with @Josephine_van_Rijn, not having to wait for account approval would be great.


Just a quick update…

Turns out that Leilani had been given the tracking number for my package (at least according to the destination update today).

We’re still figuring out (waiting on the packages to move from China) whether I have KrisKing84’s tracking number, or if I have Leilani’s tracking number (assuming of course)


1,Comment the name of a product that would be suitable for this performance.
Answer: What is Eliquid for $100

  1. Paste a product link after it


Evidently you should evaluate your shipping and tracking procedures. You may need to mandate some changes in processing & procedures.


GeekVape AEGIS 100W TC Box Mod
Good looking mod packed with great features that I want.




Site looks good. Easy to navigate and find what I am looking for.
Free shipping, even if it is slower could be a good option.


I Think this is a good looking and compact MOD.

Heard Lot of good things about vaporesso so I think it will be worth trying.


Leilani’s tracking number turned out to be for my package. And was delivered to the address it was intended for (with respect to being my tracking number).

We’re still waiting for updates on the other two packages (as far as I know while writing this).


I think overall site looks good and easy to navigate, but few things you can do to make it better,

1). some products are not properly categorized for example,

When you Click of Mod/APV’s and select Eleaf or Joyetech you Only see 1 Mod but when you select the Starter kit or from Brand, you can see lot of products which you can buy

Example, If I want to buy Eleaf I kunn i200 Mod, It’s not present in the proper category in Mod/APV’s but from Starter kit category I can buy mod and starter kit both, so my opinion will be to categorize the product properly for easy navigation

2). I think you should also provide more Shipping Methods by Postal services Such as HK Airmail, Netherland Airmail.

3). Also, Some Products are Priced Higher and available Cheaper with other vendors.


Hugo Vapor Boxer 160 TC Mod (I have always wanted this mod, but other things come first before buying for myself (love the body of it though).

Site Feedback:

  1. Categories on Main Page would help having the subcategories accessible from the main page also, instead of having to choose Ecig, then filter or sort by.
  2. The Atouchmall Logo on the main page is so close in background color that it loses it’s uniformity, making the background color black, or at least a draker shade will not conflict the logo appearance as much.
  3. Clicking brand only brings up a jumbled product list, it does not display a list of brands to choose from.
  4. Atomizer/Tank section should be separate from coils, or like another popular store, link the corresponding coils needed for a tank on the tank product page.
  5. Upon refreshing, Main Page quickly loads a semi full screen picture, then quickly reverts to proper size (although this could be browser or comparability issue, not sure.)