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Bob's Selection of Savory Sauces



Ingredient %
Apple (Granny Smith) (OOO) 0.5
Apple Pie (FA) 2
Blueberry (OOO) 2
Blueberry Fruit (OOO) 2
Brown Sugar (OOO) 1
Liquid Stevia (365) 0.75
Nutmeg (OOO) 0.5
Pie Crust (OOO) 4
Rhubarb Crisp (OOO) 4

Flavor total: 16.75%

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3-15-17 Initial mix 190 proof PGA
Lets see where this goes for now. Tongue test after mixing is pure Rhubarb
4-1-17 Double Pie Crust, Blue and Sugar
5-1-17 Made More !! added stevia

Not quite so Savory this is still on the Tart side. Kick the Stevia up to 1.5% or change for a more intense sweetener for less Pucker Factor
Can omit the Apple Pie (FA) as it’s a side note for a pure OOO blend
Working on an all Real Flavors version as their Rhubarb is truly stellar and deserves it’s own mix.



Ingredient %
Brown Sugar (OOO) 1
Cranberry (OOO) 1
Lemon (OOO) 0.5
Pie Crust (OOO) 4
Plum (OOO) 5
Sour Blizzard (OOO) 0.25
Sour Cream (Amoretti) 5

Flavor total: 16.75%

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4-3-17 Dreamitup
5-5-17 initial mix

For as much hemming and hawing as I did before buying the Sour Cream it sure gets reached for a lot.


I’m with you @Lolly I’m going to enjoy reading them too, vaping them not so much. I like my sweet things and think I’ll just keep vaping them.


Sounds YUMMAY!! Can’t wait to try it!!


With much chatter on the threads about the TPA-VBIC tasting of Black Pepper a little google search turned up more then a few,
Black Pepper Vanilla Bean Ice Creams so here we go. Still very much a work in progress it’s a teaser at first mix as I’m not getting the blast of pepper I usually get with any touch of the stuff.


Ingredient %
Black Pepper Madagascar (TPA) 1
Cream Milky Undertone (PG) (OOO) 3
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Purilum) 6

Flavor total: 10%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com! http://i.imgur.com/18VI4n1.jpg


So this has had some steep time now along with a few others so a little report was due.
BPVBIC = Winner, It’s odd but it’s a long way from offensive. More intriguing then anything.
Spam Sandwich = another that isn’t as intense as I feared it might be, Needs more Bacon.
Pork Chops = Damned if this isn’t developing a really nice Apple burst up front and the Pork slides in next with a Black Pepper exhale.


Bob … you da man!!


I am hesitant to buy thess savory flavors sort of want to try some savory flavors in a juice first do you have your own juice line @Bob_Bitchen? Or willing to send me samples? Or recomend a good retail savory vape?


No I just blend for my own amusement.
OOO is where I get most of my flavors and they have a nice 25% discount from ELR.
https://www.oooflavors.com/ eliquidrecipes-25 <-- Discount code