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Buybest National Day Giveaway: $0.1 Start Your Group Buy, Win Vaporesso Revenger X Kit -10/09


3 my pod))


4 thanks for the contest, group buy is cool


5 and my cotton


Thank you for all your participation and thoughts on the group buying. I am sorry that we didn’t explain the rules very clearly which make some friends think it’s scam. Actually we just hope the people who like the same product can enjoy a good deal. If you think only the first buyer gets benefit, maybe you can split the total cost equally among the group afterwards, then all buyers benefit. :slight_smile:

Ok, now let’s announce the winner of this giveaway @Mark_Turner, congrats to you, please PM us your shipping info plus phone number/email address.


Congratulations @Mark_Turner :dash::dash::dash::+1:


congratulations @Mark_Turner ! Thank you @buybest !


Awesome bro, The Revenger is a great mod, I can only guess the X is just as good if not better.




Congrats to you @Mark_Turner, that looks like a nice kit :+1: Thank you too @buybest :tada:


Woo Hoo :raised_hands:
Thank You for the Great Giveaway @buybest
I will be sending my information momentarily.
And Thank You for being a Sponsor of ELR Forum :raised_hand:


Dang you Mark Turner, oops I mean congratulations on the win :smile:
Thanks BuyBest.com for the chance to win :smile:


Congratulations @Mark_Turner
Thank You for the Great Giveaway @buybest


Congrats @Mark_Turner and thanks for the giveaway @buybest!