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Calling All Custard Aficionados: Your assistance is requested


Maybe if you cut it in half it may be ok but tbh there are so many elements in it I am not sure you would be able to adjust the flavours enough - but you could certainly try before you tip.

If you vape menthol you could fix it with the MOO theory of vape - enough menthol + anything == menthol vape :crazy_face: . I would dilute it and see what it comes out like.

I have no idea if the above will work out - it is ball park on all the flavours but if it is not strong enough you can always add a little more of this or that.

3 - 5 flavours is where you should be aiming for as you just start out it will help you hit your groove. Good luck.


Great, thanks a bunch. Not really into menthol, but will definitely give doubling the base and see how that works out. Easy enough, and if it doesn’t work out, well it was a relatively inexpensive lesson learned. Yeah, I think I’ll stick with 5 or less flavors for a while. Thanks again for the guidance.


You might really enjoy my version of a really good custard (read notes on recipe)…

MG Perfect Custard