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(cap)dragonfruit vs (tpa) dragonfruit


DF 8% tfa Bavarian cream 2% tfa Cotton candy 1% tfa sweet cream 1% cap sweet strawberry 6% tfa vanilla swirl 3% I bought tpa by mistake thought I got caps to remake my dragon blood recipe


Oh, I see what you mean, I totally misunderstood. I thought you meant how much TFA would you add for a blend with 8% cap.

It won’t be an easy sub, since CAPs has more of a bite to it, compared to TFA, but you could do 10-12%. to loosely equal 8% cap (or more if you want it strong)

If you removed the cotton candy, you will get an even more potent juice, since cotton candy (EM) mutes flavors over time. Sub another sweetener like marshmallow, meringue or whatever else you prefer. Just a thought, but I think it would be a good juice with or without