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Capella Silverline!? New flavors!


i know right ?? they have sell to who matters in their eyes and those businesses sell to us lol


Yeah, you guys are right, just looking at their site it says cali. I have seen a capella flavors listed in kenilworth, nj as a food distributor. Hmm. Maybe its just an outpost of theirs catering to food manufacturers in this area.


Strange. Now bcv no longer has the 3 new csl flavors listed, after first having their sold out placeholders listed. ??

Edit… no biggie, i’ll just get em from diyvs, just didnt wanna pay priority shipping on a small order but it still beats capella ship rates! Heh, sorry fidalgo


This is good news to me as I have been put off of buying any fruit loop/circle type concentrates because I don’t like citrus flavours and I have heard people mention the lemon Pledge taste. I have the SL whipped marshmallow and biscuit and they are pretty good although the WMM is not best used as a replacement of a normal MM as its too light but it has its own qualities. I like cereal and milk vapes so I shall now go ahead and order the Cap SL version. Thank you.


Soooo… anyone intrigued by this new cap sl crunchy frosted cookie?! Cant wait to try this one.
They have it at bcv and diyvs but i dont see it at nicriv, which stinks because i need to reup a couple of purilums. So i only need like 4 flavors but none of the places has them all, lol. Seems to always happen like that


I just ordered the candy watermelon and green apple candy from BCF. I forgot to order the frosted cookie. If you eventually get it. Please post your thoughts


Anyone out there with experience of the silverline range. I’m a newish DIY’er and am building my flavour stash. I have around 50 so far mostly FA with a few TFA and CAP. I just took the plunge and purchased all 16 of the silverline for 32 GBP.

Any thoughts on the different flavours would be appreciated.


This may help you Capella Silverline!? New flavors! Gl to u.


Thanks…I saw that but there are around six new ones in this batch.


I got a couple of them, and do actually enjoy them. I wouldn’t go by the recommended 5% listed on amazon.

While they are not super concentrate, that’s a bit over kill in my opinion. But then again we all differ, so find a percentage you like or take a look at the notes.

I’m happy to answer questions but I’m not sure what you’re asking specifically, besides thoughts on it, which could mean lots of things lol.

I have whipped marshmallow, 27 fish, 27 bears, cinnamon sugar, fruit circles, acai, biscuit, meringue, black current and apple snacks.


I guess I was looking for comments on position in mixes, are they good base note flavours or complimentary? Are they used more for adding additional notes to existing similar flavours in a mix. Which flavour can be used as direct subs for others…for example does the whipped marshmallow sub marshmallow FA well?

I don’t know any pertinent comments really? :smile:


I found the back current to be similiar to FA in that it is more a candy than a fruit and has that darker almost licorice like note. I would use as an accent in 1.5 to 2% range. Wont be a rebuy for myself

Fruit circles is good and can be used as a Base for a fruit loops recipe. This flavor is weaker Imo as a 4% SF tests was good off the shake but was not full flavored after steep. Recommend 5 or 6%

27 fish is sweetish fish shot on 4% SF or 1.5 to 2% as an accent in a candy profile.

Cinnamon sugar has a niice lights cinnamon accompanied by a sprinkled cane sugar note. Useful in a cinnamon toast but not so much in a cinnamon roll or bakery where a sugar topping can obscure the profile. Accent 0.75 to 1.5%

Whipped marshmallow is a very light airy marshmallow. It does not have the think mouthfeel like Caps regular marshmallow. Needs support but very useful nonetheless. 2.5 to 4%

Biscuit. I can live without this one not a fan

Better pecan. Same as above. Somewhat burnt overly earthy pecan not much in the way of “butter”
Accent 0.5 to 0.75%

Apply snacks is amazing off the shake at 5% but as with the FW version a not so friendly cinnamon note tends to dominate after a steep. Lots of potential Here with appropriate use of bending. Plans to retest around 3.5% and use Cap sugar cookie and a cream to soften


This sounds promising and thanks for the detailed outline of the ones you have. Nice to hear that the apple snacks is good as I was hoping to do something good with that one. When they have arrived and i’ve tested some mixes etc I’ll report back on this thread. I will have the acai, and the tropical fruit punch which also sound promising…I’m looking forward to receiving them.


The frosted cookie one as well as the fruit punch will be in my next order


what percent are you using this at ??? have you used it as the main note and what have you used to accent it , i tried a few things and gave up , i wasnt getting anywhere with SFT either … id like to revisit it and throw in some cap double apple , cinnamon and maybe a cream , but i tried a combo of apple and apple snax that didnt work though . Any suggestions ???


Yes this would be useful to me also?


Apple Snacks

Let me start with this, Apple snacks is a weird flavor and in my opinion nothing to do with Apple jacks, main reason I bought it lol.

It’s not a bad flavor but also nothing to race about. I used it mainly as main note between 2.5-4% after 4% I get a really disgusting funky note from it.

For me it’s a “empty” cereal, meaning it has a medium body to it, but falls fully flat on the back. The apple, while there is lacking and extremely waxy in my opinion. I single flavor tested it at .25%, .0.5, .75, 1, 1.5 all the way to 10%, since people were claiming its amazing at 6-8%, but as I mentioned I keep it around 2.5-4%

I paired it with a couple other flavors such as (TFA)Honey Circles, (CAP)Cereal 27, (PUR) Strawberry Marshmallow Cereals (sounds odd I know but works great at lower percentage to round it out), (WF) Caramel Rice Crispy Treat (This does have a cinnamon note, therefore this works both, rounding out and giving hint of cinnamon), cinnamon sugar and of course paired it with (FLV) Cinnamon Crunch.

Apple’s I tried with it and that work quite well are, (Inw) two apples, (PUR)Country Apple, (FLV)Sour Apple, (JF)Apple.

Tried it with double Apple but I don’t like that flavor, (FA) Fuji normally my favorite but in this case just added to the already existing throat hit AS already has and in general wouldn’t blend well with it.

Whipped Marshmallow

Answering the rest, (CAP) whipped marshmallow is not a sub for (FA) Marshmallow in my opinion, because WM is more a mix of fluffed marshmallow you’ll find in the baking aisle, mixed with heavy whipping cream (the liquid not the can) and powdered sugar.

It’s quite creamy too, not dry like (FA) Marshmallow, blends extremely well with other lighter or medium creams.

It’s quite dense and adds a lot of body to mixes, but at higher percentage where somebody might want to use it for a pure marshmallow mix, is when it starts to mute. I use it between .25-1.5%

If anything, it’s more of a sub for Purilum Marshmallow and caps own vanilla whipped cream minus the vanilla.

Cinnamon Sugar

Is ok depending on application. It’s very subtle and delicate, barely detectable cinnamon unless you use it extremely high, but the it has off notes. It’s not meant for recipes that need a heavy bakery cinnamon but rather used for recipes that could use a light sweet cinnamon dusting.

It’s more sweet than it’s cinbamon, but again if used as mentioned this flavor makes sense and does exactly that. I’ve used it between .15-3% depending on the mix.

Fruit Circles

I use it as main flavor in a couple fruit pepple recipes, and that’s what it kinda is. It’s not fruit loops but could be bend into generic brand fruit loops. Have to be careful tho, it can muddle itself as well as whole mixes, if paired with too many ingredients.

I pair it with mostly just a cereal milk stones and it’s pretty much good to go, rarely do I have to add any other cereal or bakery too it. Using it around 1.5-5.5%

I’ll add some more later, sorry but need to go to work and as we can see my notes are never short :frowning: but hope it helps a little.


Really appreciate it. Hey these are great notes if you have these for a lot of flavours out there you ought to write a book!! Your dedication to sf testing is great. I tend to learn the harder way whilst using flavour notes on the recipe site and learn by trial mixes and pairings. I really should do more on the SF mixes.

I will look forward to your other notes when you’ve time…thanks again.