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Capella Silverline!? New flavors!


i know right ?? they have sell to who matters in their eyes and those businesses sell to us lol


Yeah, you guys are right, just looking at their site it says cali. I have seen a capella flavors listed in kenilworth, nj as a food distributor. Hmm. Maybe its just an outpost of theirs catering to food manufacturers in this area.


Strange. Now bcv no longer has the 3 new csl flavors listed, after first having their sold out placeholders listed. ??

Edit… no biggie, i’ll just get em from diyvs, just didnt wanna pay priority shipping on a small order but it still beats capella ship rates! Heh, sorry fidalgo


This is good news to me as I have been put off of buying any fruit loop/circle type concentrates because I don’t like citrus flavours and I have heard people mention the lemon Pledge taste. I have the SL whipped marshmallow and biscuit and they are pretty good although the WMM is not best used as a replacement of a normal MM as its too light but it has its own qualities. I like cereal and milk vapes so I shall now go ahead and order the Cap SL version. Thank you.