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Cheers All!



I can try to explain but first I need you to explain the bloody fascination the English as well as the rest of the world have with a dogs testicles!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have been informed by @Pugs1970 that a dogs bollocks , mutts nutts ,or simply bollocks can mean something is good and/or bad?:flushed:


Actually nowadays it’s pretty much just referred to as ‘the bollocks’ for something that is awesome :+1:…just to clarify, and if something is ‘bollocks’ it’s bullshit :+1:Or to shout BOLLOCKS means you just f&£ked something up…
"BOLLOCKS! …this phone was meant to be the bollocks but I’ve just broke the screen which was meant to be unbreakable.but .that’s just bollocks!"
I hope this helps :+1:


It does help but…I was just having a go with a little humor. I am certain that every nationality has some _________isms that are very odd to the rest of the world.
They do however make for some interesting reading!:grin:


Well bollocks…if this ain’t just bloomin’ bollocks…


I had a dog called Bollocks, I frequently had to stand in the park and shout his name at the top of my lungs :grinning:


Cheers,mates…you sheilas get sherry…

But everyone hop on…where you can still drink and drive, eh?



Oh boy am I jealous… :yum:


That looks painful
similar color and only 6%…


not painful at all and no carbs like that stuff, but I am used to 100 - 140 proof. the 130 - 140 proofers some times get a single cube of ice to bring down the proof a little. I havent had a beer in 2 or 3 years.


You sir, are legendary, do you wear a Stetson and make a jingle when you walk?


Have a good, safe weekend all!


haha, no stetson or spurs but I live just outside detroit and carry 2 guns (1 concealed, 1 non-concealed) anytime I leave the house. I loved me some beer before I decided to cut 25% of my body weight and get healthier. I imagine the beer was part of the reason I needed to drop 50+ pounds.

Wild Turkey 101 proof tonight.


Stagg would work also…for the bottled stuff.
Lotsa ‘jarred’ stuff around here, not that any copper coils would be found near my residence [wink wink]
One of my favorites has a chunk of honeycomb in it, right from the hive.
Big barter system in these parts [near Nashville], and nothing gets traded under 5yrs old…but plenty of
12-20yr old too…
Like e-juice, you must keep ‘mixing’ so you always have aged stock…for yourself, or maybe something else, eh?


Don’t know anything about ‘horse-head’ distilling…and we surely wouldn’t raise our kids on premium ‘sippy cups’…even if they were having a hard time teething…but then you never know for sure what Grandpa…AND Grandma…have out back…and I surely don’t know anything…zip, zero, nada, so don’t ask, eh? :smile_cat:
Our daughters and granddaughters surely know nothing about homemade distillates either.



Is that RHF in that RHF bottle? RHF is one of my faves but the price up here puts me off getting more of it as I can get 3 bottles of EWBIB for about the same price.


Rock Hill Farms…


I like Rock Hill Farms.