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Thanks for the insight, I’ve run across so many vapers whom love my juice at bargain prices. I’ve found… OH way so many recipes on pinterest, going to need an order or two to get my inventory up to snuff.
Peace out,
Hippie Juice Man :mage:
:vulcan_salute:“Live Long & Vape On”


Thank you for this post! I am a new member and what brought me here was exactly as you have described ~ hoping to find a way to mimic the taste of the one E-liquid that was helping me to end my 30+ year addiction to Kool 100’s. Sadly my local vape shop no longer carries this particular juice and I totally understand that they would not want to share whom they purchased from or what the flavor bases and or pg/vg volumes were…so here I am learning all I can about mixing from all you wonderful alchemists :star_struck:. PS: I am a total newbie to everything about vaping (like seriously green), but I am so looking forward to this new chapter in my life. I am beyond grateful to have stumbled upon this site. Thank you again ~


Welcome @ChibiKat =)
Glad to have you!


Thank you Sprkslfly! So happy to be here :grinning:


Thanks for this tip. Great advise for a beginner like me.


I was never a menthol smoker BUT one of my friends requested a minty flavor and we came up with this:
Pretty darn good Thin Mint. If you drop the chocolate and add a little tobacco, I bet it would be close. Then again, never tried to reproduce a menthol before.

[REQ] Cactus chapo drops
[REQ] Glad Sugar Cookie clone
[REQ] Bobas Bounty and Blend 4 from AVE