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Coil Building show offs!


Go to steam-engine.org or get the vapetool app. Both will get you very close to your target resistance.


Nothing real impressive, but I just started trying to spin wire yesterday and this is my first staggered fused clapton

I pulled a wrap out of it and put it in my new pharaoh…I love that thing lol


nothing real impressive you say? fo rea? looks very impressive to me. these fancy builds are more than my capacity


Excellent work for a first try!


After seeing @PTcoils enigma and having the failed attempt earlier which ended up as a standard interlock I figured I’d try again only this time actually with 12ply .3ribbon.

Just some raw pics before editing.

12ply .3
28 frames
36 enigma.


Looks like you got it this time around :thumbsup:


@Jondamon and @PTcoils I have a building question…I suck at trying anything other than relatively simple claptons/twists ect…I was trying to nail down an Alien yesterday and just wasted a bunch of wire because I can’t stop my cores from twisting?..I get like a couple of cm of perfect Alien then it just goes mental and twists, I’m using 3 ball bearing spinners but what method do you use to stop this from happening?..


Nice work dude :ok_hand:


Hey @Pugs1970, sounds like you’ve over stretched your Clapton to me, either that or your applying to much pressure to your wrap wire which is causing your cores to collapse on you. If done correctly you shouldn’t need anything to hold your core flat as the wrap will do this for you, but you can use hair clips, keyring or even just a piece of fine wire wrapped around your cores and squashed flat and used as a slider helps. But with any of those methods means you will need to stop at some point to release or move your help aid which then means you have to find the right tension and flow again which can sometimes mess up the consistency of the wrap.


Cheers Phil…some good tips there man, I’me guessing you hit the nail on the head with too much tension though, I’ll give it another go today :wink: thanks again man :+1:


No worries dude, aliens are all about pressure and feel so I can give you tips but the rest is done by practice and feeling really. Another tip is to use a few drops of juice on your fingers to help to wrap wire move more freely through your fingers. Over time it gets easier and you won’t need these aids as like I said before it’s all a feeling and experience thing. You have to fail to learn dude it’s just part of the process unfortunately lol just stick with and the rewards will follow :ok_hand:

You want your stretched Clapton to look like this mate :+1:


Legend, cheers brother :wink:


Anytime man :ok_hand::ok_hand:


first? lol…stares angry at the coils i put in my doge why won’t you look like them that is so awesome, well done.


Interlocking alien staple
18x 0.4 ka1 ribbon
2x 35g SS interlocked alien wrap


That is just seriously freakin’ gorgeous!
Awesome work. If I had this, I wouldn’t even vape it, just spend the day staring at it.


Guys I’m excited! I made something other than a single wire coil! Small fries, I know, but like I said I’m excited. Lol It’s not amazing but it works! :grin:


Looks beautiful! :+1:


Very nice twisted coil, dear. How does it vape?


Nice work dear :wink: …feels good eh :relaxed: