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Coroner's Corner: Issue #1 Smok Alien ...the autopsy begins


How the heck did it get up there!?!?! Crazy, but the review doesn’t lose credibility or awesomeness because of a hiccup!


Don’t apologize! You are still doing a huge service here and every who has commented or liked has enjoyed this. Admitting that you were incorrect is admirable and refreshing! I like your post even more because of the depths you are going to on this!


Fun fact, which I ran into when I had one of these… things. Revision A aliens can also have the following chip ID which is not in their ini file and must be added before the nuvoton updater will detect it… I mentioned it to them a couple times months ago (after a couple days messing around), but apparently it’s too difficult to edit a text file or reply to support requests.


Or you can just… build this newer version of the tool which detects and works with them all with an internal chip database (no external ini file)… but doesn’t load .hex properly last I tried (A is distributed as .hex B as .bin, conversion between is easy with most hex editors).

Anyway keep at it and thanks for sharing your findings, glad I caught a reminder with this thread as I had noticed the request thread a while back and it looked fun. Side note: wismec predator has a similar form, and you can find a ‘jean rivet’ in those too! But, to be fair, it is much better isolated from the rest electronics up there than Alien.


My baby Alien lasted three months. I guess the leaky tanks now and then fried it. Never a Smok again, Kanger and Eleaf have been rock solid for me.
Wish I could fix it but I think it’s toast.


Wanna thank you again @Sprkslfly
Its like i have 2 brand new aliens!!
You are amazing! I hope your endeavours go awesome!


My pleasure ma’am! =)
Happy that I was able to help, and I appreciate your support!

“Community update”
(for those not yet aware…)
I’ve got a couple more Aliens to try and gather some more details on, but life as I knew it came to a screeching halt on Nov. 22 (the day before Thanksgiving). I was hit by another driver, and I sustained substantial injuries, as well as the vehicle I was in was totaled. I’m blessed to be alive, but due to limited mobility, I’ve been unable to do much of anything.

I definitely have more to come, but it’s all been delayed by circumstances well beyond my control. I’ve not forgotten about Coroner’s Corner, and I’m still very interested in anything folks want to send. But I haven’t even started rehab yet. So, I’m just trying to be up front, and let folks know it’s going to take a bit. I will continue the series though!


Just heal and get better. We’ll be waiting when you feel up to it.


Had no idea. Get well. Best wishes and prayers.