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Cotton Bacon and Temperature Control


Thanks that is what I like about the cotton bacon swelling I never thought of it swelling too much I believe that’s it I do chain vape the hell out of it


I kept followong PV’s amazing ti taste advice…until he changed it up, again, to 22g.
It didn’t work for me, it works for most I see…so im sure I must have been doing something wrong.
But for me and my ADV/EDV I could/can tell titanium muted my juice flavor worse than any other wire type I own…and I dont taste kanthal or nichrome…but ti muted my juice. So I followed further and went to 24g…"its the best!"
Thats when I stopped…cause all I see is throwing/vaping more juice at the problem.
These lower gages mean lower ohms which means more juice is being consumed/turned into vapor…hence more flavor…but dont stop there…“you gotta go deep water, thats it, theres where the flavor is!”

So…remind me: whats wrong with Kanthal and consuming less than 20ml of juice a day??? …oh yeah, "its durty!"
For me, Im fine with dirty kanthal and watts…I feel safer with that than inhaling nasty tasting carbon while trying to get a satisfying vape.



There’s nothing wrong with Kanthal if that’s your preference. It’s probably still the most popular wire among vapers. The main thing is being happy with your vape.

I’m down to around 2 tanks per day… about 10-12 mls.


I do intend to revisit tc, ti and ss too…just wanted to get back the vape ive been missing.
But it sure was fun collecting tc devices, learning and getting them dialed in!


Thanks for the help replaced the cotton in my Goliath v2 last night bump the heat to 450 26g titanium dual coils spaced ohms .12 same coil i got up this morning started to lose flavor bump the heat bump to 460 then 470 now 480 kept getting gooder is working great just refilled the tank much cleaner looking coils and cotton I have a 22 G single coil spaced in my indulgence .15 build going to try same thing when I get around too it .really enjoying the Goliath now thanks and DNA 200 really looking good on the Graf the temp line is smoth and so is the flavor


I had a feeling that your low temp setting had something to do with this. As I said earlier most of us on ELR are running 480-560 degrees. I personally am running 500 on my Rx200 and 530 on my IPV4s. I’m running 22ga Ti with 4 1/2 wraps (if I remember correctly), 3mm ID at .09 ohms. Unlike others around here I truthfully do not enjoy coil building even though I know how to do it. I enjoy creating Ejuice flavors, that’s my thing. The point I’m making here is that I don’t recoil often. I’m at about a month on this build. Sure there is buildup on the coil but at higher temps it breaks up. Sort of self cleaning as @5prock3t said. I do try to rewick once every 2 weeks at least. Don’t be afraid to up the temp. As long as it is not too hot to the taste you are fine…


Not a thing. I agree with PV - if you like something and it works for you then it’s not wrong. It’s all about personal preference. But I also want to say that I think you’re spot on with more buildup on coils when running lower temperatures. I find this even more true with thinner gauge wires. What I haven’t done is a side-by-side comparison between Kanthal and Titanium even though I have identical gauges of each to work with, i.e. 24 and 26 gauge. But here’s where I’ll put in my 2 cents. For whatever reason many people aren’t running their TC builds hot enough. I see it a lot, and at first I was the same way. There was a lot of 350, 380, 400 going on. In my mind I thought 500F was super hot (as a setting) so didn’t venture there. I remember in my early experiences with TC getting buildup on my coils FAST, as in 1-2 tanks. Then at some point I started ramping up the temperature and the watts that drives it (this is where the xCube lost all my respect) so it would run hotter. Oh yes, I found you can easily get TC builds to run too hot. That 22ga Ti will be that way for me past 550 or so. But I also found that I would get far more use out of my coils before I had to clean them. I think part of that is the “sizzle” after releasing the fire button, especially on larger wires, is actually burning off some of the lava-hot liquid left on them from that puff. The smaller wires cool much quicker and therefor that hot liquid is allowed to sit on the coil. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that’s the difference between quick and slow gunking of coils in TC mode, the heat that is produce and to a degree, that remains after firing.


Im of the, current, opinion that sizzle is the wick starving, so I release the button a few seconds early while still drawing in my puff, as to keep priming the wicks while the residual heat still produces vapor.
I do this in watt mode, as I rarely heard sizzle in TC.

Im gonna do bout 4 tests, different wire and 2 different tanks, same juice…with pics of carbon build up on each…I will even use a puff counter.


It befuddles me that two vapers using Identical equipment can get such contrasting results. @5prock3t I really hope you get your problems with Ti worked out. It’s really a great vape.


I havent any problems with ti, I just havent witnessed the flavor experience that youve posted up, and ive tried several different builds with it…I am trying, I havent thrown it away or anything.
And fwiw, I am able to admit my mistakes and when im wrong.
But for me, as much as I wanna like tc…im just not feelin it yet.


I keep thinking bout how to keep the builds similar…if I go by wraps, the ohms will be varied, and vice versa. 24 gauge on all same diameter im thinking.


Yeah, it would tend to make one feel it’s an uneven battle. But I think you stick with wire gauge and build, then don’t worry over watts and temp. Just try to achieve a setting that makes both setups vape about the same. So then if you can do that, wick very similar and track the ml’s you vape, that should give you a very close comparison. I’m anxious to see what you come up with!


Imma do my normal 10 wrap dual coil 2.5mm compressed…and then one loosy ti build (but also a 10 wrap compressed too).


Wow OK lots of good stuff here now I would like to ask who is using cotton bacon v2 NOW . I am a firm believer any changes in any part of a build or mod can make the difference of night and day .I like the fact my coils and cotton look a hole lot better and trying to be open minded did try my .11 T spaced build up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit big cloud but not the flavor I am looking for I am still adjustin trying to get what I am after running 480 now my favorite flavor build is

is kanthal Clapton and it’s OK at home but not so good driving down the road or when working and those coils hold some heat after using but do not carbon as quick as the titanium dose , the cotton has been in that build for about a week cotton bacon v 2 same wicking as Japanese cotton pads but I do not think It draws the juice up as well as organic pads do .darn sure swells up better though so I am still not having much luck with my indulgence RTA 22 GA single coil .15 build did try losing up the cotton a bit worked about the same not really leaked I will say it stayed real moist at the base and still good for one puff but is not getting juice proper witch points me right back to were I started.


I have used Cotton Bacon since I started vaping. I have tried Japanese cotton and didn’t care for it. Cotton Bacon was recommended to me my my local B&M so that is what I stuck with. And the one $6 package I bought then is the same one I am still using since June of last year. It has been Version 2 since then at least. The flavor doesn’t change much (if any) during the break-in that I have noticed.

I just got some Rayon they gave me to try. Probably enough to last another 8 months lol. Have you tried it? They told me to fire it a few times to break it in because they said it tastes terrible at first. But they said it wicks better once broke in. I am a bit skeptical to switch because I love my Cotton Bacon. But I am going to give it a go on my next build.

Currently, I am building most of my coils in the sub-zero range of .05-.07 ohm. I am not the best wicker, but I am getting better at it. In a few more months I may be able to get a decent wick in my Ohmega :smiley:

For anyone looking for a good cotton, if you haven’t tried Cotton Bacon I highly recommend you do.


Never used Rayon, although I’ve heard good things about it on ELR and elsewhere. Heard bad things too. I’m open to trying new things, but for wicking I’ve used organic cotton balls, Japanese cotton and Cotton Bacon. The balls are out (LOL) but the squares and CB I use regularly. As I mentioned previously, that Scottish Roll method is so good, and I use that in my drippers exclusively. So always find the squares in my drawer. The squares are good for tanks too but I prefer the ease of use and the cleanness of CB in my tanks.

Others I’ve seen but done no research into or know anything about (may also be Rayon for all I know) is Silica and Cellucotton. Whatever they are - I would try it if it was convenient, but I’m not ordering anything since I’m satisfied with my current situation. Willing to try but curmudgeon just the same :slight_smile: