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Creams that dont need to steep (much)


Lol your thread like many on here got derailed by RF excitement :smiley: to answer your question. LB cream or LB fresh cream are both good right away in the 0.5-1.0% range


I would have to agree with @Fozzy71 that you should probably max out at 3.5%. The dessert RF flavors may seem weak at first. An existing Rice Krispy recipe containing 12-13% was all but obliterated by adding an additional 2.5% RF Krispy Treat after a 4 week steep. Many of thr RF SC are incredibly strong like 0.25-0.5% range Examples are RF baked bread RF SC KIWI , RF SC Cheesecake, RF SC Passionfruit… As with all brands %s will vary and testing must be done.


Whoops, I tried 5% and 5% on Apple Pie and Cinnamon Roll. Looks like we will be cutting that one with VG. Oh well, twice as much.


I have apple pie and cinnamon roll on the way, I’m looking forward to those!


We just had a huge blizzard I wonder if my package will still show up today lol


My tracking is showing tomorrow for me, crossing my fingers!


OK… I got my sampler packs and here’s what I notice right away. (4 day steep) Heated slightly, lid off one night.

First I mixed 5% RF Blue Raz Super Concentrate, 2% Capella Whipped Cream.

Most Importantly for me personally:

Smooth as a baby’s behind. Silky lung/throat hit. Amazing Wow Love That, Love it.

No acidic mouth feel at all, taste is pretty darn good and very sweet.

Then I mixed 5% RF Apple Pie SC with 5% Cinnamon Roll Extract 4 Day Steep

Same super silk throat hit.I wouldn’t call it weak on flavor, what I would say is it’s “nice” because it doesn’t punch you in the face or taste over flavored. Also nice and sweet!

Flavor with no creams added at all is very good with a tiny tinge of a chemical property I’m sure will go away in the steep.

So my rating is a 9.5. I cannot get over how smooth it is. BRAVO!!!


I just spent the morning mixing all the RF samples I have. It’s kind of funny what your sinuses can tell you about how a flavor is going to vape. (After a couple of years of mixing) None of this stuff is burning my sinuses and it is all very real to its name with aroma. I have tried 3 of them in mixes and this stuff is just really good! I can’t get over how smooth it vapes. Walt has a great product going here, I’m totally impressed.