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CUBOID -TAP- by Joyetech


I think with the old cuboid 150, if you got a good one they were brilliant. Especially as it seems expected that a mod lasting 6 months is seen as the norm


I have the original 150 Cuboid and haven’t used it much so it is pristine. Just in the past week I updated the firmware so I could get the preheat functionality and it works great. I find it very useful when using plain dual kanthal claptons that come in built at .40ish, they need a purge (pre-heat better) to warm up for a nice saturated vape. With respect to older mods vs newer ones, I fell in like with the Sig 150TC (not that I use TC anymore) back a couple years ago so during the vapeagetton scare I bought another one and have it still new in the box; in the meantime the original one is still my daily banger, it’s been through it all and only have had to glue one of the magnets for the door back once. They were made like trucks (maybe better); the new mods today are made cheaper and cheaper and seem to be built, like you said, to last about 6 months.


Yeah, I had mine for a year and then passed it on to a friend. He used it for another 6 months before one too many drops finally killed it. It was a great mod for me.


[quote=“Jeff_dragon, post:20, topic:138529”]
scraped the coating around the fire button housing
[/quote]So did something get in it or was the fire button too big?

[quote=“Jeff_dragon, post:20, topic:138529”]
I disabled that Taptic button
[/quote]I disable it sometimes too, I just like the side fire button, instead of the awkward located tap button. But it does work, and has the cool vibrate feedback too.
I wish the touch area was on top where my thumb is: