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Defrothed with a vacuum chamber today


I’m talking about this item, basically what Amazon is sales.


We will vape no liquid before its time.:wink:


I’m curious to know if by using my food saver with the container that supposed to quickly marinate steaks and such would be the same? I currently use a sawzall (after a 110° bath) and get the frothy effect which disapates after about 4-6 hours. Maybe I’m not understanding where the degassing or benefit happens… Is it after it sits sealed for a period of time and you pop the seal??


The process of pulling a vacuum causes the liquids to change from liquid to gas. Depending on how deep a vacuum You pull will determine what liquids You turn to gas. Those gasses are forced to expand and exit the vessel through Your pump. with reference to Your steak marinating, Your steak acts as a sponge. You suck all the air, blood, etc out and when You release vacuum the marinade fills the voids. Liquids will turn to a gas “boil” based on temperature and pressure. if water is under HIGH pressure it wont boil at 100 deg.C “212 deg.F” but higher than. if in vacuum it will boil lower temp. alcohol boils at 160 deg.F at atmospheric pressure it will boil at 70 deg.F if under 20ish in. hg. water boils at 70 deg. F 29ish in. hg.


I actually purchased that item in My first trials. I couldnt pull deep enough vacuum. Perhaps You will have better luck using it. The seals kept leaking through.


I never had a problem with it when using it to marinate or preserve food so I’ll try it and get back… How long should I keep it under vacuum? Thanks btw.

So Ill vac-u-steep my eLiquid an uncapped 30ml glass bottle inside the container, it should work right?


I use a magnetic stir plate so when I begin pulling a vacuum My liquid is clear of bubbles, stirred not shaken lol too many old movies… bubbles form as I pull the vacuum, depending on the flavors used It can foam a head like on a beer. When the liquid is clear again I consider done. 24-48hrs. I keep it stirring all the while and re- establish the vacuum as it depletes as the alcohol boils off.


Year ago I was asking exactly this question:
Mixing in vacuum


Seems to be that the consensus over on Reddit is that steeping under a vacumm is not a good idea…


I wonder if any of them actually did it. The whole idea is intriguing to me I just don’t have the equipment to test it.


I dont put much weight in what is posted anywhere and test for Myself. I generally dont leave My mixes under vacuum that long as I need the flasks for the next batches. While on the stir plates mixing till all degasification is complete 24-48hrs then gets bottled. It’s mainly a process of mixing “homogenization” rather than what people refer to as “steeping”.


Correct i too take all of what is said as only a possibility untill personal experience can confirm. I myself have by no means dismissed the potential benefits of a vacumm. My comment about reddit was meant as sarcasm lol


Yes Sir lmao! It’s crazy the stuff people do and say. I personally was concerned that flavoring would be muted via this process. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. To Me this is worth the time and trouble. I wish I saved the links to all the studies I researched and testing done. It’s worthwhile to research ultrasonic homogenization and dive into that rabbit hole. “This is way different than sticking bottles in a cleaner” If I had $1,500 to spend I would buy a small one to play with. My only question with this process is; what happens with the alcohol? Flash pasteurization “as what is done with milk” would be interesting to try as well. Perhaps one day I’ll have access to all this stuff and try.


I just read the reddit link You posted, You know whats up! I think We have read the same books :wink:


Actually I did it. I owned lab grade usonic device for a while. I would recommend not to waste money on this device. This thing added very strange odor to my mix, I am not sure why. I couldnt find a reason. Looks like VG has been developed into acrolein. Or maybe it was only me and my device, because I know some flavor production companies are using these type of devices.


I find this very interesting. I wondered what the affects would be of ultrasonic homogenization with the alcohol still in the solution but didnt really consider other materials and what might be created with such a violent beating. Chemistry is so cool.


Ultrasonic homogenization in action:


Yes! I cant imagine the amount of force being driven to do this. Pretty cool stuff. With e-liquid wouldn’t this cause the alcohol and other non desired stuff also be emulsified? What effect would this have on the flavor. Can We control the effects with time exposed and frequency? If We used the process in a vacuum what would the change be? So many questions lol. I think it’s amazing You had the opportunity to try it. And this is why I have a sleep Dr. 4:00am and mind is racing, visions of molecules being smashed and beat against each other. I need to stare at a slow turning stir bar for a while and shut down.