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Disappointing so far


Hemp! 10 chars


I didn’t know you could find weasels in wood-work!!
I thought those were always beavers or mice!
(nice to see you posting!)

(For those not familiar with the old American saying “Look what crawled out from under the wood-work!”)


I have to test my mixes across an RDA, an RDTA and a tank, just to figure out which is going to give the best flavor from a particular mix.
It can be a pain in the butt, but I have all sorts of customers using different builds, mods, and atomisers and they will definitely let me know when it’s not up to par :laughing:
I go through the same issue with some of my all time favorites, like the hard to clone “Marrakesh”. It tastes beyond horrid in an RDA (no matter the kind or build) but put it in my kylin or old herakles sense and it becomes the most awesome flavor.


This sounds like a pro tip for sure. Gonna have to try it. :smile:


I do the same thing. I’ll even put in the notes if I think it is a tank recipe or rda etc.
Not a lot of people get that, but it’s so true. :+1:


Sorry to hear about your problem. Since everyone is different, your buds may not be set up for SnV.
The recipes you posted are well rated. I have no use for SnV, so I can’t make any suggestions.
One recommendation, may make a difference, would be to let all mixes natural age (with an occasional light shake) for at least 4 weeks. The more recipes I make, the more I have in the hopper to test, the more successful I am. It only takes a 2-5% success rate to line up quite a few dynamite recipes.
With this approach, you will start to know which flavors/sometimes brands work for you.


I’ve returned to this thread for an update just so anyone in future that tries diy for the first time and goes through what i did does not give up. I went for a second order of flavors and once received i made a few new recipes, this time more complex ones. I have found a few that i would consider to be awesome vapes and i’m still experimenting with my own recipes too. The best advice i got from this thread was to keep at it, i did and it’s paid off i have a few winners so far. Really looking forward to mixing some more. It’s all about finding what works for you. The one thing i would recommend is not to go looking at the top rated recipes and assuming they’re gonna be great for you, The mustard milk for me was the biggest shock, so many great comments but it turns out i’m a pepper taster (i left it steep for 3 weeks , tested it 5 times and although it was less peppery it was still all i could taste). Keep at it folks , i’m happy i did.


I’m glad to hear it worked out for you in the end :grin:


EXACTLY! Newbs, just keep tasting flavors and mix what you like.

No offense at all to the highly rated recipes (which none of mine will ever be :(, I could not give a shit what a recipe is rated. You like what you like when you like it. Mix what you like and ignore ratings, it’s diy, not do it to someone else’s palate. Recipes are just inspiration to me.

And friggin congratulations, you are officially one of us!


And, maybe this is useful too: