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Diy flavour choise


Don’t let 1 bad eBay vendor discourage you from DIY

I believe liquid barn ships to the uk.

And I recommend their starter kit to everyone I know who’s wanting to get into making there own vape juice.

Usually recommend getting
9 flavors and a sweetener

or if they like menthol

8 flavors , menthol and sweetener

Here’s some recipes I like that use liquid barns flavors


Am not gunna stop the diy thing just need the right flavours as the Pg and VG seems reasonably good. Av been looking at sites where they make there own flavours and thanks for the links :+1::+1:


Welcome to the crazy world of mixing and without doubt the best forum out there. You won’t go wrong if you listen to some really talented and generous mixers around.
You have had some great advice above and if I can also pass on my advice it would be to check out some great suppliers for your future purchases.
I use Chefs Flavours as they are really great to deal with, their customer service is second to none and they have some great selections of concentrates.
Have a look at the recipe section and pick what suits your taste, research the flavours and make a small order based on that.
Don’t worry if you find you don’t have enough variety of flavours at this stage, that will increase, believe me it will increase! LOL


I am not saying that this isn’t a good thing to do (purchasing flavors from a company that makes their own), but you do need to be aware that if you start seeking help with those flavors, and not many people are using those flavors… getting assistance could be very limited. Basically like the situation your currently in, you requested help, but because you purchased flavors from a location that isn’t widely known, the assistance you received has been pretty limited.


Yea don’t worry about having a hole lot of flavors . They add up in time … start out with a few you you think you would like and start from there.

After 1yr of DIY

My desk. I also have 13 new flavors arriving Wednesday

My Daily vape kit (nicknamed vapor-vaid) has 20+ flavors in it right now I take with me when I go out


Wow! That’s a lot haha. i made a 10ml bottle with 20% flavour ( mixed Berry’s) and strangely it actually works the flavour is there the vapour is there as well but i will keep experimenting to see if it works with all the flavours.


glad to hear 20% is working for you.

And ya that’s a lot but as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day… it just takes time… the important part is to have fun along the way…


Chefs Flavors is in the UK, and they are reputable and stock tons of great flavours. Reasonably priced too.