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DIY or not?


I just started DIY and did some research first, my first batch is good. I made 9 recipes and 7 of them taste way better than store bought juice. Maybe I got lucky but I think it’s worth it. It took me 120 to start up but I already have enough supplies to make a lot of juice.


Ya know? I’m still waiting for you to send me some of this stuff. Thanks :cry:


Here ya go I’ll send ya a picture to hold ya over.


Thanks. It’s my 49th bday Sunday. Thought you were gonna send something but…well, some friend you are. If any of your packages come through our plant and I see it, I’ll try to delay it as long as I can. Meanie



How sweet.


That’s awesome I’m still working on my first order up to 155$ went through some of the recipes picked the ones I thought sounded good and got all flavors needed. May I ask what type of recipes you started out with?


Happy birthday a little early! Have a great day!:birthday:


No. It’s not. Simply because, notes are far more reliable.

When’s the last time you had problems accessing a website (thanks to dns or other issues), or a hdd crashed (and either lost that session’s data, or worse: the whole drive!), or a phone got wet (pool, sink, rain, toilet…)

There’s just too many ways IMO for digital to go wrong. Kind of the same reason that folks would print incremental backup hard copies while working on a thesis for example! :wink:


Honestly speaking, the times I couldn’t access my data reach back to the dark ages. I’ve got my data local on all devices, which gets synchronised to the cloud whenever there’s an internet connection (which is most of the time). I’ve had disk crash before but they’re quickly restored and I do have other devices (phone, tablet, wife’s computer, …) that I could use. I am also perfectly fine if the internet drops because my data is always local, just ready to be sync’ed to the cloud.
I do have a strong IT background but I don’t think it’s rocket science to get yourself setup. It’s the default behaviour of many cloud services.

A paper notebook is much more prone to liquid spills, being lost or burned, the dog or cat rips it apart or the kids start pulling out pages to draw or make paper planes, …


You must have been to my house before.


To be honest, I’ve only skimmed most of the replies in here. There’s tons of good advice so forgive me if I’m repeating anything.

When I first started, I also wasn’t sure if it would work out for me. Because I was on a tight budget and couldn’t bear the thought of wasting money, I only bought flavors that I knew I would like just as well for baking or candy flavors if mixing didn’t work. I had mostly fruits and mints with a handful of creams. Most of the equipment has other uses too for cooking or crafts. Just start slowly with a few flavor profiles that you’re sure you’ll like in both vaping and eating/drinking. Best of luck!


Start with single flavor recipes to see how the flavor tastes, then go to mixing your flavors. I usually wait to add the nic in a new recipe until I know it’s good. You can also try other recipes that have high rankings. A scale definitely helps. I was sceptical at first myself but now I hate having to buy commercial juice.


If you love a challenge like I do, just order a starter kit with flavors that sound good to you then mix up some horrible juice! After that, you might be more interested in the beginners forums and all the good advice it has to offer from others mistakes/recommendations on percentages etc.
My point is that there are many ways to start mixing your own tasty, unique juice thats right for you. You just need to take the first step and try. Mix up a few small (10ml) samples and Don’t get discouraged if they taste bad, just learn and move on. You can do it!


Sure. It varies, strawberry and cream, butterscotch, watermelon, coffee, Carmel apple, cotton candy, peppermint patty, blueberry Candy and watermelon ice.


I’ve been mixing for, um, not sure about a year? And I love it, I’ve a couple of my own recipes that I like every bit as much as anything that I’ve tried, however, for every winner I’ve a handful that weren’t to my taste and one or two that were complete fuck ups.

In the beginning I purchased lots of flavors that sounded great but weren’t to my liking. I’ve a comparitively modest collection of about 100 flavors. Of these about 10 of them are spectacular and end up in everything I make, 40 of them are OK and I can use them beneficially and the remaining 50 odd I could go without quite happily. I’ve learned the hard way through buying and trying and I’m still purchasing new flavors that I don’t like and get the odd pearl in the mix. I’t would be nice to try stuff before I buy, but its simply not an option for me.

Also, be wary of the ELR rating system, I’ve mixed many of the top recipes and the results are similar to my concentrate purchased. 10% - great, 50% OK but won’t mix again, 40% hideous nastiness IMO.

It’s not easy to make killer juice but once you get the hang of it it’s very rewarding, for me anyway. I love this hobby and I cant see myself buying commercial juices in the future.



Im a notebook girl all the way!


Thanks for all the great advice guys! Plastic or glass bottles and do you re use or will this affect the next juice you make?


Glass wash and reuse, plastic recycle and buy more, I personally use all plastic bottles yep I’m lazy, but there’s quite a few people that use glass. It’s cheaper to get started with plastic but the glass will be cheaper in the long run. Convenience plastic is way more convenient but some people prefer dropper bottles. I get my bottles here.

And they are out of stock on the bottles I normally get!


Considering almost all flavors are shipped in plastic as well as the bases, I don’t see how making liquid in glass will help it taste better. Pet plastic is hard and crunchy but works great for flavors in the 30ml bottles. It works great for finished liquids in 60-120ml bottles but is horrible in 30ml bottles. Pet can be reused many times without residual flavor weeping through.

For 15-30ml bottles I use the soft plastic as it squeezes out a lot better and also use it for 500ml batches when I have to squeeze it out. However, due to residual flavor weeping, it’s tough to reuse these unless the same flavored liquid returns to that bottle.